What it does for Client Service

Between managing clients (and creative), the job of an account person can be challenging – but we can make it easier. Workamajig is a fully integrated project management system that combines everything you need into one seamless solution.

"Between managing clients (and creative), my job can be challenging."

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Client Service Features

Key Features

Displays All Jobs

By the time Monday morning rolls around, you may have forgotten the status of every project. Don't worry. Workamajig displays every in-progress job on your fully customizable homepage. In a single glance, you'll see instantly what you have going on.

Simplifies Estimating

Easy-to-use templates allow you to make accurate estimates in a snap. Then, you can route estimates directly to the client for approval through Workamajig. Estimates can even be formatted to match each client's specific needs and style. Best of all, estimates can instantly become budgets!

Shares Schedules

Not only does Workamajig let you create schedules with unlimited tasks and sub-tasks, but it also lets you share the schedules with the client and the agency. This keeps everyone on the same page so nothing falls through the cracks.

Automatically Syncs Contacts

Whether you use Outlook or OS X address book, Workamajig automatically keeps all of your contacts organized on all of your devices – phone, iPad® and computer. No more entering contact info twice – Workamajig syncs everything for you.

Displays Budget Status in Real-Time

At any time for any project, you can check out budgets at a broad level, detailed level or a combination of the two. Need to know if you're about to go over budget on a project? Workamajig provides a real-time budget status view and sends out automatic email alerts if you've exceeded the budget.

Simplifies Creative Briefs

Workamajig is creative brief central. In one place you can create, edit, view and print project creative briefs. Custom templates make writing creative briefs quick and intuitive.

Even More Features

Puts Everything in One Place

Monitor metrics, track billable efficiency, oversee cash projections and pull P&L reports by client, project or any item you choose. Everything you need is right here.

Integrates Calendars

Why worry about trying to maintain multiple calendars? Workamajig integrates Outlook Exchange, iCal® and Google Calendar™. All of your meetings and appointments will be in sync with all of your calendars – as well as your colleagues' calendars. This feature makes scheduling easy because you'll know who's available before you schedule a meeting.

Updates on One Screen

Never have enough time in the day? Maybe it's being wasted by having to update information over and over again on multiple screens. With Workamajig, you can enter notes from a meeting or phone call – or even update a client's birthday information – all on one screen.

Prepares Schedules in Multiple Views

You want a Gantt chart. Your client wants a calendar view of schedules. No problem. Workamajig automatically prepares both.

Integrates Tasks with Timesheets

Stop reminding creatives to enter their time. When someone completes a task as run (for example, the art director finishes a layout), the system automatically updates the schedule and the timesheet.

Shows Who's Overloaded

Resource availability is visible when you assign tasks. This means you can see who's busy, if there are any conflicts and if you can complete a project by the client's deadline. If a project's schedule will overload certain individuals or groups, Workamajig shows you an alert.

Shares Project Files

Because Workamajig is web-based, all project files are kept in one centralized location. This makes it easy to share project files and keep the entire team on the same page.

Routes Files to Client

Now everyone on a project can see client's feedback and the project's approval status. What's more, the agency can see how many rounds of revisions are being requested. Workamajig even logs delays caused by slow client feedback.

Tracks Email and Stores Forms

Workamajig maintains a project diary that allows team members to access all of the emails relating to the project. In addition, creative briefs and print specs are stored with each project, making them quickly accessible to all who need them.

Reconciles Vendor Invoices

Who needs the hassle of coding invoices and confirming the job and amount vs. the budget? Thanks to Workamajig, billing doesn't have to go to you because the information is already in the system.

Reconciles Freelance Invoices

Ever underbill a client because a freelancer's invoice wasn't accurate? You won't have this problem with Workamajig. The system automatically reconciles freelancer invoices against their timesheets, so your billing is always spot on.

Includes Details on Invoices

All details needed to support an invoice automatically appear directly within the invoice itself. This saves you time, speeds up collections, improves cash flow and reduces write-offs and misunderstandings.

Generates Invoices Based on Retainer

Have you ever wondered if you're over-servicing a client compared to the amount of its retainer? With Workamajig, invoices can be automatically generated to track retainer billing vs. projects worked under the retainer umbrella.

Improves Collections

Workamajig lets Accounting provide you with Accounts Receivable Aging Reports. In an instant, you'll know which clients are behind. By the way, this kind of reporting isn't available in QuickBooks.

Creates Project Requests

Workamajig lets internal staff, as well as clients, log into the agency's system and enter their own project requests. A number of specs can be attached to a request to detail the needs of the project. And each project request can have a customizable approval process associated with it.