What it does for Media

The media landscape has never been more complex. Thankfully Workamajig is here to help simplify your job. From auto-generating invoices based on media orders to tracking email correspondences on all jobs, Workamajig helps the entire media department run more smoothly and efficiently.

"Workamajig helps our media department run more smoothly and efficiently."

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Key Features

Links to STRATA and SmartPlus®

The STRATA and SmartPlus® link tools allow you to easily import and update print and broadcast orders into Workamajig from either STRATA or SmartPlus®. The sync process will also integrate several setup files in the system to make it easier to add new clients and vendors, which is helpful when you need to update vendor information.

Simplifies Billing

Because the media buying system is connected to billing through Workamajig, completing your billing process is much faster and more accurate. You can even customize which information gets pulled for each client's billing reports.

Simplifies Searches

Need to find a media plan from two years ago? Looking for a contact's number at the local TV station? Want to review last year's budget for one of your clients? All you have to do is type a keyword or phrase into Workamajig's global search feature. Workamajig searches the entire database. Then, once the results populate, you can drill down to view the record with a single click.

Traffics Media

Workamajig makes trafficking media projects simple and concise. Broadcast and insertion orders, which are organized by client, campaign or another category you choose, can be linked to a media estimate and updated in real-time. Finally, you can track projects from estimate to invoice with one efficient marketing project management system.

Stores Reports

You never know when you may need to retrieve a job's creative brief or a publication's specs. With Workamajig, you'll find whatever you're looking for in a flash. That's because Workamajig stores all documents stored with the project.

Keeps You Connected

If you have an Internet connection, you have a connection to the office. This means you can review media plans while away at a conference or approve budgets while waiting for a flight.

Even More Features

Tracks Emails

With Workamajig, you can send an email to all team members and all thread responses will be shown. This allows everyone on the team to stay in the loop on all communications. What's more, Workamajig organizes emails by subject and then tags them to the contact and the company record so you can easily look up past communications.

Streamlines Estimating

Making estimates from scratch is a thing of the past. Using Workamajig's templates, you can crank out exceptionally accurate estimates in no time.

Reconciles Invoices

Want to simplify the invoicing process? Workamajig reconciles vendor invoices against media orders. Best of all, you can easily match up the vendor invoices to the media buys without coding each line of the invoice manually.

Auto-Generates Invoices

Workamajig automatically generates invoices based on media orders. You'll have accurate and timely invoices with just a few clicks of the mouse.