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What do you call completely customizable, Web-based project management software that streamlines everything your agency does – from new business and sales leads to staffing and creative execution, all the way through a project’s cycle to accounting and financial reporting? We call it Workamajig, and it’s the only advertising management software you need to keep organized and on top of everything that’s going on with your agency.

"It's the only advertising management software I need to keep organized and on top of everything that's going on."

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Key Features


Workamajig is an easier, faster way to manage your company’s projects and client relationships. Totally Web-based, Workamajig manages the sales process, tracks jobs, creates estimates, tracks time, handles invoicing and manages all creative functions in one fully integrated system. That explains why 15% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Workamajig.


It’s your agency. Which means you may spend a lot of the time away from the agency meeting with clients or attending conferences. That’s okay, because Web-based Workamajig works wherever you do. Check on a project’s status, review creative and approve budgets from anywhere.


Workamajig puts everything you need to know in one place. Quickly and easily monitor metrics, track billable efficiency, oversee cash projections and pull P&L reports by client, project or any item you choose. Pulling the right information at a moment’s notice has never been this easy.


Real-time budget status views make sure everyone in the agency knows if a project is about to exceed the budget. If any stage of the budget is about to go over, Workamajig sends out an automatic email alert to notify the team.


Workamajig has the latest business metrics built in, making it easy for you to see if your company is growing profitably – or just growing. In a glance, you can review numbers and be alerted to any red flags.


As well as being your agency’s project management software, Workamajig is also a full financial management system. This means Workamajig has all the accounting tools your agency needs to expedite collections, reduce write-offs and improve cash flow. Want to know more about Workamajig’s accounting functions? Check out the Accounting section of the website.


You, more than anyone, know that time is money. Thankfully, Workamajig helps give you more time by speeding up the approval process. You can route files internally and to the client for feedback and approval. Even cooler, you can see how many rounds of revisions are being requested by clients and if their feedback delays projects.


Because the buck stops with you, it’s imperative that you know what’s going on with your agency. From tracking email communications to storing project forms (such as creative briefs and ad specs), Workamajig provides easy access to everything you need to be in the know on every project.


Switching to a new agency project management system can be a daunting endeavor. Not to worry. Workamajig has been designed to plug and play. For instance, instead of wasting time re-keying data from old project systems into a new one, Workamajig lets you create a text file of whatever you need – contacts, staff info, project codes, creative briefs, calendar events, vendor invoices – and import it directly into Workamajig. Your agency will be up and running with Workamajig in no time.

Even More Features


As the owner you sometimes have to be a Jack-of-all-trades, which means you may find yourself doing estimates occasionally. That’s no problem with Workamajig. Our easy-to-use templates help you make accurate estimates in no time.


Who’s in. Who’s out. What’s due. What’s about to be overdue. All of it can be found and managed on your calendars. The agency calendar shows meetings and people out of the office, while job calendars show milestones and schedules. You can even integrate your calendar with iCal®, Mac OS X Address Book and Outlook.


Why waste time entering project management information in multiple systems, like Salesforce® for CRM or QuickBooks® for accounting, when Workamajig can do it all? This incredibly innovative tool integrates all agency best practices into one seamless system. It even works flawlessly on both Macs and PCs. And don’t worry, your CPA will love Workamajig as well, making it easier to access the information they need to do your taxes, create journal for year-end accruals.