Workology Conference 2014

Want more profit? Hmm. Silly question. Of course you do. But, how are you going to get it? Smoother workflow, that's one way. And that's exactly what you'll learn about at Workology 2014. We'll bring you up to speed on the latest insights, tools and technology to help you get more for the time and money you invest in your business. In other words, missing could prove costly. Gallery |

Outstanding opportunity to learn how to implement features we're not using, learn about improvements we were unaware of and start to plan for what's to come. Joel Blechman, Director of Finance, Trisect

Workology is a great way to meet people from other agencies. I love talking to people about how they use Workamajig and share information. It's a great networking opportunity." Jennifer Crotteau, Director of Business Operations, Nemo Design

Great way to see new upcoming features and to ask questions right away. Fun to network with other users and brainstorm different uses and problems. Letitia Woodson, Project Traffic Coordinator, HealthCare Partners

The conference was a perfect mix of insight and fun. The speakers were knowledgeable and patient with client questions. Also, the food was fantastic! Sarah Matley, Account Coordinator, Ad Ease

The Workamajig staff is very attentive, and the conference is a great resource for networking, idea generation, and best practice inspiration. Jess Mackta, Director of Administration, 212/Harakana, Inc

This was a very helpful and informative conference. The location, service and events were awesome. Very well planned and orchestrated. I would love to hear more from Tony's organization and Vanessa's organization - interesting subject matter and relevant. The Workamajig staff was professional, well trained, friendly and very helpful. Thanks so much! Patty Dondeville, Executive Director, iostudio, LLC

Great event and experience. Location is amazing. Evening events breathless, don't see skies like this in Toronto! Great job Cheryl and team. Khamsi Chanhthavong, QC Automation Manager, Watts Water Technologies, Inc

I liked how the conference gradually brought together "The Way" thru the support of outside presenters. I ended up with a comprehensive understanding of "The Way." Sondra Jones, Print Production Manager, Sanders\Wingo Advertising, Inc.

Workology is a great experience. From novice users to experienced practitioners, this event offers opportunities for learning, exchange, development and growth. I highly recommend it. Ann Townley, Marketing Services Manager, IEEE

Many conferences can be a poor investment, but after just the first day it becomes very clear that this was a well spent investment of time and money. Interacting with other users, developers and the entire WMJ staff has instantly and positively affected our company process. Thank you to Everyone who made it happen. Andrew Suzuka, VP of Operations, Noise Marketing, LLC

This was an exceptional conference at a wonderful venue. I am very excited to be going back to work feeling like I am so much more knowledgeable in areas we have been unsure about. Lisa Glover, Accounting Assistant, MMA Creative

Workamajig conference is always great. Not only is the sessions informative, but the social events are geared towards making sure you interact with Workamajig staff and other Workamajig clients. Linda Pallett, Third Party Solutions Director, Estes Express Lines

Arizona Grand Resort & Spa

In addition to all the great Workology benefits, you want more?! You also want a world-class golf course, spa, nationally-ranked water park, 17,000-acre preserve, hiking trails, athletic club, and six restaurants. All on location. Sheesh, you are demanding, aren't you? Fine, let's do this thing at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa. That'll make you happy. Read More

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Featured Speakers

As usual, we've got industry experts who have been there and done that. They're going to share the secrets to their success. And this is going to be interactive. So after they let the cat out of the bag, you can find out what else is in there. Read More