You’re not alone

With Workamajig, you're not just getting the number one project management software for creative agencies. You're also getting peace of mind.

That's because we provide in-depth training to make sure implementing the software is easy — and using it on your own is even easier. Take a look at the information below to get a quick overview of our main online training sessions.


During this 30-minute call, we will discuss your needs, expectations and goals for implementing Workamajig. Based on this information we will establish your training plan, learn who will be on your Core Training Team and discuss our Train the Trainer concept.


CRM training covers lead tracking for new business opportunities, estimating opportunities, converting awarded opportunities into new projects and Workamajig's email marketing features.

Project Creation

This training will show you how to create new projects by using the templates you developed. You'll also learn how to approve an estimate to create a budget and then make the project active so all assigned users to can see the tasks appear within their My Task widget.


During this training we will want to follow your billing process. However, we will also show you processes that may work better for you, such as the seamless way Workamajig handles retainers, fixed fee billing, time and materials, advanced billing and pre-billing of orders.


In this session we will review:

  • GL chart of accounts setup
  • Office or department separations
  • The need for separate GL Companies in one system
  • Defaults
  • Check layouts
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Receipts
  • Vendor invoices
  • Payments
  • The GO-LIVE process for accounting
  • How to enter your opening balances and transactions

Project Requests

While marcomms and in-house agencies tend to use this feature more than traditional agencies, it can also be very useful if you have clients that do many projects with you and you want a way to have them submit requests digitally. This training includes spec sheet creation, project request form creation and client portal setup.

Extra Hours

Most of our clients have remaining training hours. You can use these hours to review other project functions, deeper dives into traffic and scheduling or to review other areas of the system.

Initial Setup

In this first session, typically attended by everyone on the Implementation Team, we will discuss navigating the system, adding calendar events, syncing with other calendars, and entering or importing your contacts, employees and companies (clients and vendors).

Project Templates

In this training, we will talk about the use of templates and how to create them. Training will also include creating project schedules and estimating labor and expense items. We recommend that everyone attend this session.


In this comprehensive session, we will cover a variety of topics:

  • Methods of time entry via the My Task and Today's Time widgets
  • Traffic functionality for staying in touch with project status, assigned tasks, resource load and schedules
  • Different ways of logging expenses to your projects as either purchase items, expense report items or miscellaneous costs
  • How to send a quote directly from an estimate with options of attaching specifications and asking for multiple quantities — and how to turn it into a PO from there

Pre Go-Live

Here, we'll make sure you have a clear understanding of how to get your opening balances in and any aging invoices — for both client and vendor. We will also schedule time to check in with you once we know your Go-Live date.

Post Go-Live

At this point, we'll check in to see how great you succeeded with your launch of Workamajig and help to troubleshoot any hiccups you may have encountered.


If you use an external media buying program such as SmartPlus or Strata, we will show you how to setup Workamajig to sync your orders for billing. If not, then we can show you how to do all your media orders, billing and trafficking in Workamajig.

Continuing Training

We're always improving our product with enhanced features and new updates. If we introduce a new feature, we will provide you with the free training you need to get up to speed.