For Agencies

Additional Features

Everything you need meets everything you want.

Check off any task, from anywhere

Get mobile access on all devices

Because Workamajig is Web-based, you can view tasks, upload files, and communicate, no matter what device you use.

Stores files locally or in the cloud

Do you want to keep files in-house, or use a cloud-based system? The choice is yours.

Simplify media billing

With STRATA and SmartPlus integrated into one system, you automatically prepare accurate invoices based on media orders.

More capability across every project

Integrate with myemma

With the MyEmma Marketing Platform, you can build smarter email campaigns that maximize your marketing efforts.


Generate print specs

Create print specifications easily and route them where they need to go.

See customized dashboard

Organize project details, calendars, schedules, and anything else you need into one easy-to-use dashboard.


View your daily tasks

Boost efficiency with a Today page that gives you instant visibility into what you need to do.