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Identify Creative Projects for Your Existing Client Base

by Rod Ripley, October 12, 2015

identifying-additional-creative-projects-existing-client-baseCreative agencies put a lot of time and effort into discovering what their clients expect from them, whether they know it or not. From needs that aren't being met, to creating new workflow paths that achieve an end goal faster and with fewer errors, it’s essential to be a proactive problem-solver in order to identify new avenues of success.

One of the ways you can accomplish this is through actively searching for additional services to offer your clients. After all, it’s cheaper to continue to provide service to your existing clients than it is to find new ones.

Here’s how you can identify these extra creative projects to improve your relationship with your client base:

Listen to Your Clients

The first step to pinpointing these additional projects is to simply keep your ears open. Has your client mentioned in passing that they’re considering redesigning their website or their business cards? Are they confused about social media and the impact it can have on their business? These may be areas you can assist with, and by paying close attention to their needs, you’ll be more prepared to offer bonus services down the line.

But it isn’t only about what they need—it’s also about their experiences with you so far. Be sure to gauge your client satisfaction, as this can help you identify areas in which you might offer more comprehensive services. For instance, if they feel they haven’t experienced enough of a return on one particular advertising campaign, you can apply your industry knowledge and suggest other areas and platforms that might address their needs more effectively.

Use the Right Tools

If you aren’t managing your existing business as well as you should be, these valuable opportunities could be slipping through the cracks. A large part of project management is working from the right toolkit. It not only needs to be fully loaded and easy to use, but it must also be specifically designed with your business in mind. These custom-fit tools might assist you with accounting, project management, and CRM integration, allowing you to simplify tasks and better manage your time.

By freeing up your creative brainpower, you can focus it where it’s needed most and provide your customers with additional opportunities for creative development. Your business will likely thrive under this project-focused model, and your customers will be more fulfilled and satisfied than ever before.

How have you identified these opportunities, and how might you improve your core processes to further this goal?

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Rod has had years of experience in the video production and IT industries and has worked for companies such as Universal Studios & IBM.

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