An Integrated Media Specialist’s Top Five Workamajig Features

Amy Weiser Feb 5, 2014 1 min read

Amy Weiser

These are my Top Five Favorite Workamajig features: 

5. The ability to “check out” documents.

- I love this feature because I can back up anything needed to the cloud but check it out and lock it, if needed, to ensure access is limited when needed.  This works very well for communicating certain internal documents we may not want to share elsewhere.

4. The ability to use multiple tabs/pages for my widgets.

- I am a very neat and tidy person and don’t prefer real or virtual clutter.  So I like that I can put widgets on multiple tabs (and even resize the widgets to custom sizes).  This helps me organize them and not put too much on one tab.

3. Notifications are very helpful to communicate updates quickly and efficiently.

- This is such a time-saver!  I am able to notify an entire team in a moment as I upload documents.  This is a quick and easy feature to use, and I find it essential in communicating updates.  I often copy myself to make sure I included all the appropriate team members.

2. File organization is very easy and effective.

- When using the file organization options in a project, it is very helpful to be able to use folders, subfolders and beyond to keep everything organized as you would on your desktop or work network.  And if they worked, you can copy the structure onto new, similar projects, keeping everything organized in the future.  Simple, but very effective!

1.Customization is key!

- The best part about using Workamajig is the opportunity to customize the look, feel, screens and more to be exactly as each individual would prefer them to be.  Not one interface needs to look like another, and I love being able to use it as I need in a way that best suits my working style and borderline OCD organization.

Amy Weiser is an Integrated Media Specialist with Hitchcock Fleming and Associates, a Workamajig client since 2006.


About The Author

Amy Weiser

Amy Weiser

Amy has been at Hitchcock, Fleming & Associates, Inc. since 2014 and is currently a Senior Integrated Media Specialist. She also has 20+ yrs exp in photography.


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