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How Account Managers Build Accountable Creative Teams to Support Client Goals

 No matter the size of your team, clients or projects, account management is one of the most important investments an agency can make. Sure, it’s up to accounting to keep your finances in check; it’s up to creative to keep the ideas flowing; and it’s up to sales and business development to drive new business. However, it’s the responsibility of account managers to ensure clients are kept happy and their goals are being met. In other words, account managers guarantee that business runs smoothly and your agency stays afloat.

April 18, 2017       |       By Julie Huntley       |        Account Management, Creative Management

Show Em What You're Worth: Demonstrating ROI for In-House Creative Teams

Creative ideas and flawless execution are important. However, clients aren’t interested in just witty copy and stimulating art direction. They need cold, hard facts to help them understand a project’s role as it pertains to their organization’s revenue contribution.

These days, the best creative agencies understand that it’s a data-driven world. And they know that if a campaign isn’t adding to a client’s bottom line, you run the risk of losing the account.

June 14, 2016       |       By Julie Huntley       |        Account Management

Work Smart, Not Hard: Reducing Stress With Creative Project Management

No matter the size or scope of the agency, it seems as if you can always pinpoint the overstretched, overtaxed employee. It’s not that they’re necessarily overworked. It’s that they’re always running from task to task, always checking their email, always making a phone call, or always running an errand.

May 13, 2016       |       By Ron Ause       |        Project Management, Account Management

How to Use Revenue Forecasting for an In-House Creative Team

Revenue is not just a “sales” issue or a “business” matter. As the lifeblood upon which their access to resources depends, revenue is vital for creatives. From staffing levels to the office environment, fluctuations in revenue can alter your creatives’ workloads and moods, thereby impacting productivity.

May 6, 2016       |       By Rod Ripley       |        Account Management, Finance and Budgeting

7 Ways Great Finance Departments Function To Help Creative Teams

You may have the world’s most creatively brilliant team, but without an organized, efficient financial department, your agency is doomed to fail. To help illustrate the multifaceted benefits of a great finance department, refer to the following seven ways it helps creative teams.

April 29, 2016       |       By Mike Wang       |        Account Management, Finance and Budgeting

Why Left-Brained Project Management Doesn't Work for Creatives

The human brain has two hemispheres, with very distinct differences. Each hemisphere lends itself to different strengths, and different people tend to emphasize one side over the other in their thinking.

This can cause some real trouble when people of different thought processes end up on the same team. In fact, using left-brained thinking while managing creatives (who often lean toward right-brained thinking and strategy) can lead to a lot of frustration and communication difficulty.

To understand and help address this problem, it’s important to first get a grasp of some of the differences in question. Remember that these are generalities and not universal rules.

April 21, 2016       |       By David Arnold       |        Project Management, Account Management

Want to Be an Effective Team Leader? 7 Skills You Can’t Do Without

Let’s face it, being a leader is not an easy task. You have to balance maintaining work relationships with meeting deadlines, and walk a difficult boundary line between friendship and authority with your team. We’ve collected a list of seven character traits that we think every truly great team leader needs.

January 22, 2016       |       By Mike Wang       |        Account Management

Revitalize your Creative Project Team in 2016

While the goal of resolutions is to use commitment as an impetus to better a certain aspect of your life, many people recycle resolutions year after year.

Why? Because far too often, people focus on making resolutions that are unrealistic and unobtainable. Instead of setting overly idealistic, practically impossible goals, we suggest taking a step back and focusing on the small things.

To help revitalize your creative project team for 2016, consider the following ideas.

January 20, 2016       |       By Mike Wang       |        Project Management, Account Management

How to Be a More Effective Team Leader: Our 4 Best Tips

As a project manager, we’re sure you’ve read at least one think-piece, or perhaps even an entire book dedicated to leadership techniques. At the end of the day, being a team leader is your job. And like everyone in the workforce, you’ve seen your fair share of leaders: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What makes a successful team leader? If we’re talking about your agency’s bottom line, then positive performance metrics and accomplished goals and objectives indicate success. However, getting your team to perform well on paper has less to do with numbers than it does with your leadership skills. That’s right—the external success of a team (or at least the quantifiable numbers that indicate success) is dependent on the team’s fearless leader.

To help bring better leadership habits into your day-to-day routine, here are my five best tips on being a more effective team leader.

December 24, 2015       |       By Mike Wang       |        Account Management

Become a Workflow Management System Master

When you have a group of tasks or processes and need to coordinate and monitor them, mastering a workflow management system can be quite beneficial. Between the initial setup phase, performance metrics, and general monitoring for deadlines and budget concerns, having the ability to manage your workflows within one system is essential to becoming a master at it.

December 14, 2015       |       By Rod Ripley       |        Account Management
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