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The KPIs Your Agency Should Be Tracking–But Isn't

You know you have enough work. Your team is busy. You keep getting new clients. Billings are robust. But are you doing the right work? And are you doing it right? Are you really measuring what matters? In agency management, you must look beyond obvious signs and metrics because they may be misleading.

April 13, 2017       |       By Rod Ripley       |        Resource Management, Agency Management

5 Analogies about Resource Management to Help Your Boss Understand What You Do

There are many aspects of resource management that people who aren't in the nitty gritty can’t quite wrap their heads around. Looking at some analogies can make the ideas a little more accessible. Here are 5 you can use the next time your boss isn’t quite clear on all of the intricacies of resource management.

April 11, 2017       |       By Rod Ripley       |        Resource Management, Agency Management

How to Recruit Creatives to Fill Cross-Functional Agency Roles

Creative roles are changing. As the marketing and advertising landscape evolves—and technology continues its incessant dominance—traditional agency roles are becoming blurred. These days, traditional roles are being coupled with digitally based responsibilities, such as development and strategy. As organizations grow larger and more complex, project managers and their teams run the risk of becoming shut off from one another and operating in silos.

April 6, 2017       |       By Rod Ripley       |        Agency Management, Creative Management

Agency of the Future: Is Technology Changing the Everyday Ad Agency?

Long live the golden era of television, print, and radio advertising. While it’s true that some agencies still produce multi-million-dollar 30-second TV spots and others still retain massive agency-of-record contracts with global brands, the vast majority of agencies—especially those founded in the past decade or so—focus on a more integrated approach that combines digital media, social media, and traditional media.

March 31, 2017       |       By David Arnold       |        Agency Management

Is Project Management Different in an Ad Agency?

Is project management different in an advertising agency? The short answer is a resounding “no.” While traditional project management is generally associated with more technical industries—IT, engineering, architecture, and so forth—the basic tenets of good, old-fashioned project management extend themselves across industries.

March 27, 2017       |       By Penny Kooy       |        Project Management, Agency Management

The Right Fit: Creative Resource Management in Your Agency

Intellectual capital is critical for creative agencies. In an industry where skill sets such as creativity and knowledge are precious assets, the core problems we face in marketing and advertising generally center on people—or the lack thereof. And often, these intangible resources are far more valuable than material assets.

March 24, 2017       |       By David Arnold       |        Resource Management, Agency Management

Calculating Internal Business Metrics

It’s no surprise that analytics are integral to your organization’s success. Whether you work for an in-house marketing team or an advertising agency, tracking and reporting metrics provide you and your team with an overview of your performance. They provide you with insights that influence current and future decisions. And they demonstrate return on investment to internal and external stakeholders.

March 23, 2017       |       By Ron Ause       |        Agency Management

4 Creative Agency New Business Strategies You Haven't Tried—Yet

We’re already several months into the new year, and the goals you’ve set for your team are starting to feel real. If you’re like most business owners, you’ve spent a lot of time focusing on how to improve strategies that worked the previous year. Maybe it’s refining which social channels you distribute content to or deciding to scale up your sales team. While exercises like these reflect a healthy “finger on the pulse” approach to opening yourself up to increased revenue, they won’t necessarily open the door to new types of revenue opportunities. Because a creative agency always should be looking for new business, we’ve pulled together four agency new business strategies we imagine you haven’t tried yet.

March 20, 2017       |       By David Arnold       |        Agency Management, Creative Management

4 Thoughts Every Agency Project Manager Has During the Workday

The creative world is hectic. And the day-to-day of an agency project manager can be tumultuous, to say the least. However, the best project managers somehow manage to remain upbeat—even in the face of impending deadlines and change orders.

While things are bound to get crazy, you are the glue of your organization. You are the fearless leader who guides your team to success.

March 8, 2017       |       By Ron Ause       |        Agency Management, project manager

Top 10 Sales Enablement Tips and Strategies for Agency Reps

Sales enablement is most often a foundational strategy that is delivered top-down, from executives through sales managers to the front-line reps. In the beginning, this strategy was a complex, hairy initiative that necessitated cross-organizational buy-in. While that’s still the case when it comes to scaling sales success across an entire company, the popularity of enablement strategies has led to a greater conversation that empowers sales reps to incorporate these practices into their strategy regardless of overall support.

March 6, 2017       |       By Ron Ause       |        Agency Management
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