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Do Small Creative Teams Need Project Management Software?

Do Small Creative Teams Need Project Management Software?

October 13, 2017       |       By Ron Ause       |        Project Management Software, Creative Team

What Makes a Great Creative Agency Team?

So you want to start or join a creative agency and be part of a creative team - congratulations!

September 28, 2017       |       By Esther Cohen       |        Project Management, project manager, Creative Team, creative agency

31 Team Building Activities Your Team Will Actually Love

“Team building activities”.

Does this phrase make your team members roll their eyes and slip off to the nearest exit?

You can’t really blame them. Most team building activities elicit embarrassment rather than enthusiasm. Whatever impact they might have is nullified by the sheer reluctance of your team members to participate in them.

However, there are some team building activities that your people will actually enjoy. Some of these will take just a few minutes, some might take hours. A few will impact your communication with a few others will improve collaboration skills.

I’ll share a huge list of such team building activities in this article. Use them freely at your next team retreat, weekend team getaway, or after-office activities.

September 18, 2017       |       By Esther Cohen       |        Resource Management, Creative Team

How to Hire, Manage and Retain a Remote Team of Creative Workers

There is a change afoot in the way the world works.

July 12, 2017       |       By Esther Cohen       |        Creative Team

Define & Measure Client Profitability in Creative Agencies

Your highest paying clients aren’t always your most profitable. While this statement may sound illogical at first, much more goes into determining and measuring client profitability across creative agencies than revenue generated from your biggest retainer accounts.

May 10, 2017       |       By Penny Kooy       |        Finance and Budgeting, Creative Team

Implement Integrated Project Management in Your Team Now

As a project manager, you’ve seen a lot of different management styles. Traditional project management works great for some industries where a waterfall project style fits well. Creative projects, on the other hand, don’t always function the best with a traditional workflow. That’s where integrated project management can work wonders.

March 29, 2017       |       By Julie Huntley       |        Project Management, Creative Team

5 Reasons Why Creative Agencies Should Use a CRM

If you had to pinpoint the most essential part of your business, what do you think you’d pick?

Your talented employees? Your unique creative perspective? Your logo?

Or would you realize that all of those things don’t really amount to much without customers to witness them?

March 15, 2017       |       By Rod Ripley       |        Creative Management, Creative Team

The Creative PM: Assembling the Creative Team

Ok, you have the project, you have an idea of what the goal is, who the client is, and a basic awareness of what it is going to take to get to the finish line with the client. Now it's time to settle in and start putting everything in place to actually deliver:  the structure, the team, the strategy and the processes. Where do you start? All this can be a bit convoluted by other projects you're working on – especially if any are running full steam at the moment demanding 110% of your time and efforts. That never happens, right? Right.

January 20, 2017       |       By Brad Egeland       |        Project Team, Creative Team
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