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Ditch Spreadsheets! The Case for Advertising Agency Accounting Software

Spreadsheets are a great starting point for anything dealing with agency accounting. In fact, you’ll probably find a few similarities between spreadsheets that you’re using and an agency accounting software suite. However, there are a handful of benefits to using the software that you won’t be able to tap into with a spreadsheet program alone.

January 17, 2017       |       By Mike Wang       |        Finance and Budgeting

The Best Way to Track Your Project Budget

Picture your project budget as a sandcastle. You shape it to be creatively pleasing as well as efficiently built.

Your project should please your client, but it should also be profitable for both your client and for your agency. Achieving these objectives, which can sometimes seem contradictory, requires you to create a project budget that can withstand the shifting pressures of the creative process, like unanticipated delays or resource shortages.

January 10, 2017       |       By Penny Kooy       |        Finance and Budgeting

Tax Prep Guide for Creative Agencies

Taxes are as much a part of business as selling projects and servicing clients. But unlike making sales and completing projects, accounting for and paying taxes is probably not at the forefront of your mind. You may even want to squeeze taxes from your thoughts altogether, merely deeming them something to be handled by someone else (i.e. your finance department). However, taxes can greatly impact profitability for projects and creative agencies. Thus, overlooking taxes is one of the most common budget mistakes that you’re probably making.

December 28, 2016       |       By Mike Wang       |        Finance and Budgeting

The 5 Worst Mistakes You Can Make When Planning Your Project Budget

The purpose of planning a project budget is to make certain that you’re prepared for all possible circumstances. Running out of money is not an option, any more than delivering an incomplete project is. If you do find yourself staring at a budget overrun, then most likely things started slipping well before you found out and could have been prevented.

December 7, 2016       |       By Penny Kooy       |        Finance and Budgeting

Keep Your Project Budget on Track: 5 Tools to Use

Establishing your project budget is a crucial step to successful project management. But a budget is only as good as your follow-through. A key component to following a budget is the proper use of tools. Some of these tools are pretty obvious, like revenue forecasting or reporting. But others might be a little more surprising.

November 21, 2016       |       By Penny Kooy       |        Finance and Budgeting

What You Might be Missing in Your Revenue Forecast

Managing the project financials is probably the most critical task that the project manager or creative manager performs on any engagement – after Job One which is effective and efficient communication.

November 3, 2016       |       By Brad Egeland       |        Finance and Budgeting

Don't Forget These 3 Things When It Comes to Ad Agency Accounting

Looking into your agency accounting figures and wondering where you could make some improvements? You’re not alone in that regard. There’s many ways to use metrics from accounting to increase efficiency. Here’s three things that you can start on to make a big impact right away.

October 18, 2016       |       By Rod Ripley       |        Finance and Budgeting

Keeping Your Project Budget On Track: 10 Tools to Help

Your project budget just doesn’t determine what you can do. It also measures your success. A project isn’t successful if it isn’t profitable. So, you must set a project budget that lets you deliver quality work to your clients within the time and scope that they expect without compromising profitability.

October 12, 2016       |       By Ron Ause       |        Finance and Budgeting

Everything You Need to Know About Project Budgeting Software

When you hear the word “budget” do you shiver a bit? It doesn’t have to be that way. Budgets might be scary to work with, and can definitely pose a problem if you’re working on the tail end of a project and don’t have the funds to get the work done. But if you plan out your project budget properly, you can avoid the headaches and night terrors that accompany a mismanaged budget. Using project budgeting software is a huge help in this regard.

September 21, 2016       |       By David Arnold       |        Finance and Budgeting

3 Ways to Get Your Revenue Forecasting Back on Track

If you’ve noticed your revenue forecasting has been a bit off as of late, then it’s time to take some corrective action. Here are a few things to consider that may have skewed revenue forecasting results. And a suggestion for each on how to make sure that you’re taking all of the data into account properly.

September 16, 2016       |       By Rod Ripley       |        Finance and Budgeting
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