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5 Tools to Streamline Creative Resource Management

Creative resource management is as important for finishing projects on time as budgets and deadlines. You must have the right people, at the right time, to do the right work. Otherwise, even your best-laid plans will go awry. But managing your resources can be difficult, particularly when you need them for multiple projects with conflicting deadlines. If everything is urgent, you can easily overschedule team members.

January 5, 2017       |       By Julie Huntley       |        Resource Management

6 Reasons Why Agencies Need Resource Management Software

You can lavish the latest tools and technology upon them, but ultimately it is up to your people to complete your projects. Projects can fail if you don’t have enough people, the right people for the work, or the work for the right people.

December 20, 2016       |       By Ron Ause       |        Resource Management

4 Things to Look for in Resource Management Software

Resource management is a very difficult area to master. Thankfully, resource management software can give you some help. There are many aspects to managing resources that are vastly improved with the addition of some simple management tools.

Here are four areas that are much simpler to manage with software than without.

November 28, 2016       |       By Rod Ripley       |        Resource Management

Do You Have the Right Team for Your Project?

Every project has different needs. Some may seem the same, but no two projects are the same. You may be able to get away with using the same project schedule template 90% of the way on two very similar projects as we all try to start projects using a project schedule shell / template from a similar project. It helps to ensure we don't overlook a common key deliverable or just lose time trying to reinvent the wheel on every project. Go with what you know - how got you there successfully before. But you won't be able to go 100% on something like this. You use it to help get you there. And it may get you 90% of the way there. But not all the way, as no two projects are the same.

November 25, 2016       |       By Brad Egeland       |        Resource Management, Project Team

4 Tips to Consider When Delegating Key Tasks to the Project Team

Letting go is never easy. It's your baby, your creative juggernaut. You built the schedule, hopefully with some helpful tweaking by your creative team. You introduced yourself to the customer and kicked off the engagement. Up to a certain early point, you may have literally done everything on the project so far. It's all been your leadership, your effort to get it to the point of starting the “real work” on the project, the work that is going to create the creative solution or output that is turned over to the client. But unless you are prepared to do everything on the project – which you are not you will need to begin delegating tasks to the team.

November 17, 2016       |       By Brad Egeland       |        Project Management, Resource Management

Creative Resource Management: Back to the Basics

The more resources you have and the more work you must do, the more difficult it is to have the right person working on the right tasks to keep projects on time, within budget and in line with your clients’ expectations.

October 11, 2016       |       By Ron Ause       |        Resource Management

Why Invest in Resource Management Software

Resource management is a critical aspect of any project. It simply cannot be taken too lightly, though we often take the scheduling and availability of our project and creative resources for granted. Now's not the time to tell you which resource management software tool to use or which project management tool with great resource tracking to use. What needs to be established is the importance of actually tracking resources and planning, forecasting and re-forecasting throughout the project or creative initiative.

October 7, 2016       |       By Brad Egeland       |        Resource Management, Project Management Software

The 5 Benefits of Implementing a Resource Management Software

The strength of any organization rests in its human resources. As a project manager, your job involves allocation, work progress, output, and resource coordination—all with a careful eye to detail. Properly utilizing all your resources is paramount to the success of your agency.

Successful organizations improve profitability levels, streamline costs, and eliminate wasted time. Because your employee’s represent a high cost to your agency (albeit an important one), optimizing your resource management process is essential.

Below are five benefits of implementing resource management software.

September 1, 2016       |       By Amy Wolfe       |        Resource Management

3 Resource Management Tips for Project Organization from Day 1

Project management brings together people, processes, and tools to accomplish common objectives within an established project. It goes without saying, then, that properly managing the actual human resources doing the work is paramount to a project’s success.

Far too often, however, PMs get preoccupied with metrics and measurement and forget that there are other variables at play. As critical as agency efficiency is, it’s equally important to understand and motivate your team. To help manage your resources, consider these five tips for project organization.

July 25, 2016       |       By Julie Huntley       |        Resource Management

Why Resource Managers are Key for Creative Project Management

As a project manager, you’re only as good as your team. I’ve said that before, and it will hold true as long as there are creative projects that need managing. You can’t do it alone, and the team can’t function without creative project management. In a way, it’s a give and take relationship, and you need to be able to stay on top of how much work your team can handle.

July 13, 2016       |       By Penny Kooy       |        Project Management, Resource Management
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