Ad-Vice Software & Consulting Inc.

In 1991, Vince Dong established a boutique accounting firm focused in the advertising and marketing industry after having worked for a large agency for a number of years.

From there due to the increasing software, operations and accounting needs of ad agency clients, he opened Ad-Vice Software & Consulting Inc..

Since 1996, he has been actively involved in providing clients with the tools, resources and guidance needed to improve operational efficiencies and profitability with his straight-forward, no-nonsensical and direct approach.

With Vince’s 29 years of knowledge of the advertising industry, he has been able to make a significant contribution to agencies across the United States and Canada.

The ad industry is one that has many different interconnected moving parts where one decision affects another. With Vince’s three-in-one service offering; Agency Operations, Finance & Accounting, Project Management and Accounting Software, he gets it.

Vince takes the time to get to know you both personally and professionally to better understand the nature of your business and customize his Ad-Vice both to your professional and personal goals.

Check out the content Vince wrote exclusively for the Agency Academy here!

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Vincent G. Dong, CPA, CA
130 Spadina Avenue, Suite 705
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 2L4
Phone: 416.504.2231

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