Shel Perkins & Associates

Shel Perkins & Associates

P.O. Box 9128
Berkeley, CA 94709-0128
Berkeley, CA 94709-0128
Phone: 510.845.0504
Fax: 510.845.4431

Providing the creative industry’s best Ad Agency software and the best Project Management software is only part of our job.

Ensuring that our creative clients become successful through practical and proven business advice with top notch consultants to assist with the set up and running of our software, is part of the wrap-around service that Creative Manager, Inc. provides to its clients.

Below is a description of the services provided by Shel Perkins & Associates.

Shel Perkins is a designer and design manager who is active on the business side of professional practice. He has served as director of operations for MetaDesign San Francisco and as vice president of operations for Clement Mok.

Shel provides management consulting services to a range of creative firms in both traditional and new media. Shel has served on the national board of the Association of Professional Design Firms and as the president of AIGA San Francisco.

Shel has written and lectured on many topics related to design management and teaches Professional Practice at the California College of Arts and Crafts and the University of California. In 2002, Shel was honored as an AIGA Fellow “in recognition of significant personal and professional contributions to raising the standards of excellence within the design community.”

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