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Workology 4.0 Attendees Praise Conference, Staff

May 4, 2014

Workamajig, the worldwide leader in integrated software for ad agencies and others in the creative and design industries, held its Workology 4.0 Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, from March 30 through April 2, 2014.

The conference was held at the beautiful Arizona Grand Resort and Spa, where hundreds of participants spent three days listening to speakers and enjoying the sunny Phoenix weather.


“As a new customer getting ready to dive into our implementation of Workamajig, this has been a really valuable opportunity to create relationships with Workamajig folks and hear firsthand customer feedback. It has given me a great foundation for making decisions as we move forward with our deployment.” - Beth, Workamajig client since April 2014

“Mingling with like-minded professionals resulted in great ideas, understanding and interesting problem-solving solutions.” - Christine, Workamajig client since May 2010

“It was great to meet other clients and to hear how they’re using the system.” - Teresa, Workamajig client since January 2012

“It was energizing to meet like-minded individuals [and] network.” - Julie, Workamajig client since July 2013


“All Workamajig employees were available and eager to help, answering any and all questions you may have.” - Jessica, Workamajig client since February 2011

“Great to personally meet ‘The Big Three,’ as well as the rest of the Workamajig team.” - Rick, Workamajig client since January 2012

“Well-done, Workamajig! It showed in your staff’s attitudes how happy they were to be there and how much they enjoy what they do.” - Sara, Workamajig client since February 2011


“Workology 4.0 provided great information — not only on the workings of the system, but also on best practices in the industry.” - Joni, Workamajig client since September 2005

“The Workamajig team did a great job taking an intense training program and turning it into an event you want to attend again — because of the deep knowledge, and because of the fun that we all had along the way!” - Caryn, Workamajig client since October 2006

“The Workamajig team did a great job taking an intense training program and turning it into an event you want to attend again — because of the deep knowledge, and because of the fun that we all had along the way!” - Caryn, Workamajig client since October 2006

“Really great conference! The days were packed, but scheduled in such a way that you stayed energized the entire time.” - Sara, Workamajig client since February 2011


“The staff and their interest in our success was outstanding. Thank you! We look forward to the future.” - Bob, Workamajig client since November 2013

“Workamajig continues to build on their solid platform.” - Julia, Workmajig client since April 2010

“I was excited to see how much Workamajig is used, and that there are plans to continually improve the product.” - Julie, Workamajig client since July 2013

“I came thinking I would learn a lot about the software, which I did, but the true value came in the industry best practices, under community and Workamajig leadership’s willingness to open the kimono and accept feedback.” - Ben, Workamajig client since October 2008


“Excellent event all-around. I will not miss it in the future.” - William, Workamajig client since February 2013

“First-time attendee — loved the conference, learned a lot, met new people and left with plenty of ideas for change for the better! Keep up the great work Workamajig!” - Wendy, Workamajig client since March 2012

“Workology 4.0 reignited my excitement and interest in taking my team to greater efficiencies and making their workday easier and streamlined. Happy people are more productive!” - Lori, Workamajig client since February 2011

Workamajig is a full-featured, intuitive system that makes project and ad agency management a breeze. Workamajig supports client relationship management, document management, shared calendaring, accounting and much more. Because it’s Web-based, there is nothing to install, and it can be set up in a very short time. It works with PC and Macintosh systems as well as mobile devices from any location over any connection. It can also be installed locally on the client’s own servers. All options include training and support to ensure that clients are up and running quickly.

Among the many features of Workamajig:

  • Full-featured CRM (client relationship management)
  • Mobile access to contacts and calendars
  • Workamajig Platinum HTML5 responsive design ready for release
  • Integrated to estimate and convert opportunities to projects
  • Functions to create project schedules and establish timelines and budgets
  • Time tracking to automatically update and manage tasks
  • Resource management tool for staff scheduling
  • Production meeting and review tools
  • Digital approval processes for multiple functions
  • WebDAV interface for access to digital assets
  • Digital proofing functions to send files for review and approval
  • Free client and vendor access to streamline workflow
  • Syncing tools for Strata and SmartPlus for media billing
  • Posted, full-featured accounting capabilities
  • Credit card connection for company credit card charges
  • Expanded P&L reporting at client and project levels
  • Charting of important industry metrics and firm statistics
  • Revenue forecasting

The team members at Workamajig have been leaders in ad agency software and project management software for the creative industry and on the Mac OS for more than 27 years. They provide their creative clients with the Workamajig software, which works seamlessly with the Mac OS and Windows.

Of course, no good conference is complete without great food, entertainment and an exciting social and networking scene. We’re talking late-night line dancing, steaks seared with the Workamajig dude, bull riding, live music, the works. You’re jealous now, aren’t you? 

Workology 4.0 has passed, but you can relive the excitement vicariously by checking out the full gallery of images located at

Keep your ears tuned for the next conference in 2016.