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Workology 6.0 Conference

December 27, 2018

By: Sylvia Moses

         Workamajig, the worldwide leader in integrated software for ad agencies and others in the creative and design industries, held its Workology 6.0 Conference in San Diego, California, from October 14th through October 17th 2018.


               The conference was held at the beautiful Fairmont Grand Del Mar, where hundreds of participants spent three days listening to speakers, learning , networking, and enjoying the sunny San Diego weather. Workamajig hosts the Workology conference every year. It's an intimate gathering for Workamajig users, consultants and experts in the field. Our goal is to send home every attendee with  actionable knowledge to help them improve their day-to-day work activities - in addition to the awesome swag.



“Workology gave us access to information that we can implement to make Workamajig work that much better for us. And getting best practices from other attendees was invaluable.”~ Bonnie Nelson, PMD Group

“It was a work conference like no other. Very nice setting, a lot of great information to take back to work, and the evenings were fun and relaxing. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here.”~ Erica Blake, TotalCom Marketing, Inc

“I had a great time and learned so much from WMJ and equally as much from networking w/ other users. The venue was incredible and I’m sad today is the last day!” ~ Erica Simonis, Road Scholar

“Workology 6.0 allowed a great deep dive into pertinent topics for today and tomorrow’s features… and gave our team the realistic preview we needed. I really enjoyed the close-knit group and open discussions in the off time to share best ideas/practices.”~ Anonymous MarComm User



“It is always exciting to see the mix of agencies and practices coming together in one location. It is amazing how no matter the size of the agency or the type of work they do, everyone is open to share best practices and find new tweaks they can try back at home. As part of the Workamajig team, getting to know our clients, how they are using the system and what features they would like to see has lead to many changes over the years, not only to the software itself, but how we help our new clients setup and use Workamajig. All this wrapped up with a great location, food and camaraderie, it is always a "you don't want to miss this one" type of event.”- David Arnold Workamajig Support

“I look forward to our Workology Conference as it gives us the ability to personally get to know our clients. Each year I get questions from several clients, those that have attended and those who haven't yet, as to when is the next one. Workology allows attendees to interact and learn from other clients who are similar in a fast paced information packed days and evenings full of good food and interaction with others.”- Leslie French Workamajig Support

“This was my third WMJ conference. I made a great friend during the 2014 conference and she is still my client and friend today. We were able to reconnect again this year at our 2018 conference. That is they type of relationship this conference can produce. The learning is great, the food is great, and being able to dine with your clients allows you to build a relationship that can't be done over the phone or in an email. Learning, dining, and playing together, what a great combo.” - Randy Brandhagen Workamajig Support


“First of all, it’s great to meet users and mutual clients, in real life instead of the virtual environment we all now live in. Secondly, being able to have one on one and/or live discussions with others who use Workamajig, is beyond measure.It provides a great morale boost, not only to the individual, but reinvigorates use the application at the company level too.Mix all that together in a relaxed & inviting environment, and you have nothing to lose. Unless you do not attend. ;-)” . - Rodrick Ripley Workamajig Support


“The conference gives us the ability to personally get to know our clients and allows them to interact with other clients who are similar. They gain knowledge in the system as well as from other agencies who might have used WMJ more in depth than they currently are.”- Brittany Fauss Workamajig Support


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