Workamajig Server Requirements

A. Here is the minimum hardware configuration for the server:

  1. Pentium Core 2 Duo 2 GHz or higher processor
  2. 8 GB RAM or higher
  3. 80 GB hard-drive or higher
  4. 100 Base-T Network Card

B. Software requirements for the Workamajig server. These must be installed prior to installation of the Workamajig server software:

  1. Internet Information Server must be installed on Windows R2 Standard Edition 2012 or up server (64-bit mode). Other 64-bit applications (like Exchange) must run on a separate server from the Workamajig web-server. Workamajig can be run on a virtual server. We do not support Windows Essentials Servers formerly known as Windows Small Business Servers.
  2. Install either 2014 and up SQL standard or express server. The standard version will allow you more functionality and faster speeds and is therefore recommended for companies with a higher users count (more than 30 users). The express versions can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. 
  3. Please provide Workamajig staff with the SA login and password for the SQL server. The db must be the owner of the database. If you decide to do this via a web session, you must have the credentials on-hand before we can schedule the setup. 
  4. Please provide SMTP address and login information for setting up Workamajig task manager and installer. This is used for your outgoing notifications - ie; your overdue timesheets, calendar notifications, diary notes etc.
  5. ASP.Net version 3.5, and 4.5.2 must be installed and registered on the web server. They should already be installed on 2012 servers.
  6. IIS installed without the HTTP errors and WebDAV features installed. You will also need the ISAPI features installed. This is a requirement before your setup can be scheduled. ISAPI Roles located in the Application Development area are required to be installed along with the Performance Roles.
  7. SQL Management tool needs to be installed (i.e. studio express).
  8. SQL Reporting Services cannot be installed with Workamajig, if SQL is on the same server. 
  9. A URL or IP that resolves internally and externally (you can use SSL). This is not required if you choose to keep your server closed.
  10. RDC (Remote Desktop Control) access to your server to install the software. We can use a web session for this. Admin rights will be needed for the install. If you would like to go over the server setup please advise us after the install has been completed.
  11. Allow access from the following Workamajig IP addresses:,,,,,,,,,, and to prevent delay in support and troubleshooting tickets.

Note: If you are installing a test Instance we will set up your production instance first and once your user, billing, etc, data is entered we will install you test instance. Additionally, we will show you how to reduce the user count in . order to reflect you test license of 5 users.


Your IT staff will need to include the Workamajig data and application into your existing backup strategy. You will need to backup the SQL database for Workamajig and the Workamajig web application folder and files, Web, Task, Manager, Digital Assets, WebDAV Config and Exchange Sync (if applicable).  Additionally, Workamajig does not advise or train your staff on how to perform backups or restoration of files.   Workamajig is not responsible for any network, hardware, firewall, mail (Exchange, Gmail, etc.), backups, or any other clients, components not related to our software.

Our technicians can help you install Workamajig and configure it to automatically download and apply future updates. If you wish to change these settings, you can run the WMJInstaller.exe application under the Workamajig - Task Manager Folder. You will need to stop the services first. Make and save your changes. Then, restart the Workamajig services for the changes to take effect.