Traditional Services



The traditional implementation program is designed for agencies that want rapid changes to their process and systems and are ready to jump in with both feet. The goal of the traditional implementation is to roll out as much of the system as possible in the fastest reasonable timeframe. 


Workamajig is a comprehensive system that affects almost every aspect of running your agency. Your agency will be asked to select a core team representing all departments. A Workamajig Account Manager / Trainer will be assigned to train your core team on how Workamajig is designed to be used. 

Your Core Team will become “Super Users” and will be responsible for making framework decisions to configure your Workamajig instance to your needs. The core team will also decide if processes need to be changed or how to adapt Workamajig to the current processes in place. They will also train and roll out Workamajig to the staff.

Training sessions are approximately one hour long and are conducted on a weekly basis. The typical training session involves a comprehensive review of the scheduled topic. Homework assignments are given out for setup work to be done between sessions.


A typical agency following the traditional implementation approach will go live with the system within 12 weeks, depending on the size of the agency. Some of the factors that may affect this schedule include availability of your staff, significant process changes that need to be adopted, which parts of the system you want to implement and completing your homework between sessions.