Compelling copy draws 7.8x more site traffic and produces better brand recall

Copywriting is creating compelling content to persuade a target audience to take a specific action, like making a purchase or signing up for a service. It often involves writing headlines, copy, and calls to action that effectively communicate a marketing message, motivate the reader to take action, and ultimately, drive sales and business success.

Copywriters create written content to promote a product, service, or idea. This includes various marketing materials, including advertisements, brochures, websites, email newsletters, and social media posts. Copywriters must understand the target audience and craft a message that resonates with them while incorporating the brand's voice and messaging. They may also collaborate with designers, marketers, and other creative professionals to ensure that the copy fits into the marketing strategy.

Businesses rely on copywriting as a critical component of their marketing and advertising efforts, including attracting customers, selling products, building brand identity, driving website traffic, and more.

Copywriting is crucial in helping businesses achieve their marketing and sales goals by effectively communicating their message and building relationships with customers.

Freelance copywriters are paid an average annual salary of $49,989

Companies that blog get 97% more links to their websites

Personalized calls to action (CTAs) increase conversion chances by 202%

Copywriting statistics you need to know

56% of marketers believe it’s necessary to increase quality content to keep up with the competition. Nectafy
Compelling copy draws 7.8 times more site traffic and produces better brand recall. Nectafy
Writing at a third-grade reading level gets 36% more responses. CopywritingCourses
8 out of 10 people will only read the headline. Copyblogger
Headlines with 10-13 words attract 2 times as much site traffic and 1.5 times as many shares as those under seven words. Semrush
Including the word “because” (or providing a reason) has been found to increase action from 60% to 94%. Langer, 1978
74% of web users pay attention to the quality of the spelling and grammar on company website. Realbusiness
Content with at least one list every 500 words receives 70% more traffic. Nectafy
53.7% of all freelance copywriters are women, while 46.3% are men. Nectafy
The average age of an employed freelance copywriter is 41 years old. Nectafy