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Get access to everything you need in one place


Collaborate on one platform

Reduce communication bottlenecks that may be slowing your team’s productivity. Streamline your collaboration instead.


Get accurate data

Generate reports with real numbers based on the latest estimates, time tracking information, project reconciliations, and more.


Eliminate repetitive input

Optimize your time management with automated processes that free you from manual tasks.


Improve visibility for managers & staff

Get every detail on every project, delivered to your dashboard with clarity and in real-time.


Generate in-depth reports

Make better decisions with an easy-to-use reporting tool that gives you powerful insights. Meet project goals and deadlines more effectively.


See high return on investment

Avoid hidden fees and unexpected consulting charges, with a transparent pricing model. All on-boarding, training, and ongoing support is included in the price.

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What our customers are saying

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    “We are extremely pleased with Workamajig! It has created such a smooth workflow.”

    Rita Hogan

    Creative Coordinator

    client since 2011

  • testimon-c.png

    “Workamajig has been a real asset to our agency; it handles all of our needs—from scheduling to billing.”

    Lorrie Lee

    Vice President & Director of Client Relations

    client since 2006

  • testimonial_benefitz.png

    “Not only is Workamajig very easy to use, it has also proven to be very cost-effective with the monthly fee per user.”

    Aidan Bennett

    Founder & MD

    client since 2006

  • testimonial_justone.png

    “Workamajig does everything that we need it to do… A great example of a system which lives 'in the cloud!'”

    Ben Goodale

    Managing Director

    client since 2007