mmm1-1-1Work with a single source of truth for accurate insights & smarter business decisions.

Marketing agency software built with creatives in mind.

  • Streamline your workflow

Local - and global - agencies are managing their entire creative workflows end-to-end with Workamajig, from the first inquiry to the final invoice.
  • Bring your team together

Get the whole team on the same page both in the office & remotely, for better operations, resourcing, budgeting & profitability reporting
  • Unprecedented visibility

In-depth reporting gives you full visibility into agency financial performance. See your most profitable clients & projects to easily make informed decisions.

Powering the world's top creative teams

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Make smart decisions, every time, with powerful data-backed insights. 

Here's how (and why) it works:

Business insight that makes the difference

Connect projects to profits and see how your agency is performing in real-time.

  • Eliminate the guesswork with accurate accounting that works the way agencies do
  • Make smart decisions with true profitability reporting by client or project
  • Plan intelligently with multi-tiered revenue forecasting
  • Learn more about finance & accounting in Workamajig
Tom Campbell
I compared our first five years with Workamajig to our most recent five years. In that time, revenue increased 18%—nice steady growth. But what’s amazing is profitability increased 937%. It tells me that we weren’t very profitable at first and now we’re using our time more efficiently.
Tom Campbell
Creative Director & CFO, Toolbox Creative

A faster way to build & manage projects

Tools that actually talk to each other save you time & money. Built-in time-tracking, task management, proofing, & budgeting put you ahead of the game.

  • Let us do the heavy lifting & show your PMs exactly what needs attention
  • Save time with customizable project templates that automatically build out schedules, resourcing, and timelines
  • Manage large campaigns with ease, with campaign-level budgeting, resourcing, & reporting
  • Learn more about project management features in Workamajig
karen-small-portrait (1)
For an agency of our size with our needs, there wasn’t any comparable tool. Workamajig was the only solution that seamlessly integrated accounting with project management—which was something we really wanted.
Karen Gould

Keep your team engaged, productive, and on track

Full visibility across your team’s schedule and availability so you get the right people working on the right projects at the right time.

Rhonda Burt
Everybody uses Workamajig differently, but the platform is flexible enough to adapt to the way you want to work. We’ve constantly changed our process workflows and, with Workamajig, we’re not stuck in a box.
Rhonda Burt
VP Finance and Systems, Ayzenberg Group

Actionable dashboards for every team member

Everyone gets their own dashboard with the information — and functionality — they need to perform.

Custom Dashboards-2

Empower your creatives

Give your team clear tasks with everything they need to work efficiently.

When we onboard new employees, we introduce them to Workamajig on day one. The tool makes it easy for strategists, developers, designers, and all new hires to track their work.
Bob Wolfe
Lead Project Accountant, JPL

Seamlessly transition from opportunity to project

Eliminate redundant data entry with an easy flow from your pipeline to an active project

  • Clear insight into performance with customizable sales goals
  • Robust opportunities with financials, resourcing requirements, and timelines.
  • Prepare for the future with resource & revenue forecasting from opportunities
  • Natively capture communications, estimates, & activities
  • Learn more about sales & CRM Features in Workamajig
scott m-1
We track the full client journey—prospect to proposal conversion, projects and estimating, and time tracking for that whole life cycle. It’s valuable to know how much money we spent on acquisition versus how long it took to make that money back.
Scott Millen
Creative Principal, 2 Fish Company LLC

Zero onboarding costs.

We'll start with implementation and training, and it doesn’t stop there.

  • A dedicated account manager is there every step of the way, from training & onboarding to ongoing support.
  • Email, phone, and chat support are available during extended business hours.
  • Learn more about Workamajig pricing

Agency Management Software + Project Management Software = The Complete Solution

The Operating System for Agencies