Workamajig Generative AI + Human Design Scholarship

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Previous Scholarship Winners

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Raine Crowe
Raine Crowe


Global Impact STEM Academy High School

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Essay   |  Graphic

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Nathan Steen
Nathan Steen


University of South Florida

Pre-Business and Chemistry


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Aaron Yang (1)
Isabella Moll
Isabella Moll


California State University, Fullerton

Specialized Theater and Digital Marketing

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Aaron Yang (2)
Aaron Yang
Aaron Yang


Pepperdine University '25

Integrated Marketing Communications and Multimedia Design

LinkedIn | Portfolio

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62.8% (3)

Our research has found that 62.8% of creative positions don't require college degrees.

62.8% (4)

38.5% of marketing jobs require only a high school diploma or equivalent, with an average salary of $38,290–more than double the annual earnings for a full-time minimum-wage worker in the U.S.

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Winning the Workamajig scholarship was a big deal to me as I only recently began to consider graphic design as a potential career. It was a big accomplishment to me and allowed for me to feel more confident in my design work.

— Raine Crowe
Scholarship Winner 2023

Martin Bautista

My profession is very competitive and constantly evolving. As Membership Director for the Las Vegas chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), I network closely with brilliant designers that keep me up on the newest trends and inspire me to do my best work.

When I’m not designing or helping out in AIGA, I enjoy being outdoors camping, running and climbing. We “creatives” tend to sit in front of a computer all day, so being active is a great way to burn off some built up energy.

I also volunteer to help local dog shelters with donations. I coordinated a Quillin Doggie Blanket Drive for The Animal Foundation. With the help of various co-workers, friends and family, we brought in over 90 blankets and other doggie necessities. Tails were really wagging!

Quillin is an awesome place to work. All my peeps are creative in their own way and it’s always fun to see the ideas begin, grow and flow out of our tightknit boutique agency - with my fingerprints all over them, of course!

Rodolfo Betanzo

With over two decades of professional experience, Rodolfo has emerged as an expert in the field of marketing and advertising. His innovative approach to each brand he works with has been the cornerstone of his success and recognition in the industry.

Throughout his career, Rodolfo has made a significant impact, earning recognition at various renowned festivals including FIAP, Cúspide PR, El ojo, Cannes and NY festival among others

As a co-founder of 33 Agency, he has led teams to deliver comprehensive and effective advertising solutions. His strategic vision and leadership have been crucial for the continuous growth and success of the agency.

Holly Brown

Holly Brown is a multifaceted professional who embarked on her career journey after graduating from Photography school. Her early expertise in editing and animation helped lay the foundation for a diverse and dynamic career path.

As her career progressed, her strategic vision and organizational skills propelled her into executive positions, culminating in her role as Vice President of Creative and Creative Director. In these roles, Holly not only demonstrated her creative skill set but also exhibited a keen understanding of the broader business landscape.

Currently residing in Newburgh, Indiana, she shares her home with her husband and two children, balancing the demands of a successful career with the joys of family life.