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How do I log in to my Workamajig account?

Each of our clients receives their own unique and secure login URL. If you can't find yours, contact Workamajig support and we'll give you a hand.

Can I use Workamajig on my mobile device?

You sure can! Workamajig is accessible from mobile devices, although some of our platform's more advanced features do require desktop access.

Do I need to use browser or flash plugins?

Nope, you're good! There is a fully functional desktop version of Workamajig that does not use Flash or require browser plugins.

Is the desktop version different from the flash version?

This version of Workamajig is desktop-only (sorry, mobile users) and uses the Adobe AIR system, which is compatible with Mac and PC operating systems

Workamajig is web-based. Are there other ways to access the system?

Yes. You can host the software on your server or Workamajig® can host it for you.

What are the minimum system requirements for computers running this software?

Workamajig is designed to work with the latest Operating Systems and Browsers that allow Flash and HTML5 content to be displayed. This includes the current versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge for Mac and Windows. Note: Edge is Windows 10 only.

What is the recommended system configuration for servers?

The minimum hardware configuration for the server: Pentium Core 2 Duo 2 GHz or higher processor, 1 GB RAM or higher, 80GB hard-drive or higher, 100 Base-T Network Card and Flux Capacitor*. Read More About Server Requirements


How long does it take to implement Workamajig once purchased?

The Traditional Implementation time is 2-3 months. This allows you to complete the basic training sessions, input your information, customize the system, test your workflow, deploy training and go live.

What type of training is offered with Workamajig?

Traditional training sessions are conducted over the phone using a browser-based session and are included in your subscription for free. A dedicated account manager/trainer is assigned to your account and will manage your implementation and ongoing support for the life of your account. Your trainer walks your team through a proven process to set up and configure Workamajig® for your specific needs .You will select an internal team of people to become super users of the system and to manage the rollout of the system internally.

Is browser-based training the only option for Workamajig?

No, consultants are available for on-site training at an additional expense. They provide you with industry experience on how to set the system specifically for your needs. This option is useful for companies who prefer their training in a condensed timeframe and are able to learn at a faster rate.

Once the program is installed and working, what type of support is available to me?

Every Workamajig account includes virtually unlimited email support, with additional phone support and training.