Effortless resourcing & scheduling

Get traffic & resource management software built just for marketing agencies & creative teams


Knowing exactly what's needed today - or in the future - makes your resource planning simple and effective.

  • It's easy to see what's needed & just as easy to assign work in just a few clicks from the project schedule.

  • Get ahead of the game with our ready-to-go templates - or customize your own - that include typical resources needed for each project type.

  • Everything you need is at your fingertips. View workloads by week or day for the whole team, & filter by office, department, role, service, or person.
  • Plan proactively, not reactively. View real-life utilization, including meetings, vacations, company holidays & job commitments.

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Get the updates you need, in real-time

Know exactly where you stand with updates that factor in assigned work, task updates, and schedule changes.

  • Get the bigger picture with less manual work. Easily view, filter, sort, & group all tasks - current, future, assigned, or unassigned

  • Resourcing that stays connected to related projects lets you make quick changes & get instant recalculations
  • Color-coded views factor in vacations, company holidays, and overbooked schedules to show you exactly where you need to focus

Keep your team happy & engaged.  

See your creatives' daily schedules (& meetings) just like they do, & easily rebalance work for the week - or month.

Assignment Management Kanban-2


  • New tasks show up automatically on your creatives' daily task lists, with full context.
  • Managing priorities with drag & drop ensures tasks that need attention get it.
  • De-stress resourcing surprises. Is someone out or sick? Reassign their tasks with ease.


Plus even more resourcing features to make your work life smoother

  • Instant project schedules. Project templates give you instant schedules with exact resourcing requirements
  • Know true resourcing capacity. Track meeting & vacation schedules to ensure you only see actual hours available
  • Match freelancers to projects. Easy vendor search lets you find the right freelance resource for the job
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Justine Koester Hoben, Senior Account Executive @ Ryan Marketing

"We used to spend a lot of time physically telling someone things that they needed to do. With Workamajig we're really finding that we're able to streamline our processes and get everything done a little bit quicker and with fewer clicks, which gives us more time for our team to spend working on things for our clients." 

Tired of one-size-fits-all solutions that don't actually fit?

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