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Meet the experts

These folks have helped countless agencies fix their processes, grow their profits, and scale their headcount... without the stress.

Here they are in no particular order. (Literally — it’s randomized.)

Blair Enns, Win Without Pitching

Blair Enns is on a mission to change the way creative services are bought and sold the world over. Through his global consulting practice Blair works with principals and personnel of design firms, ad agencies, public relations practices and other creative businesses to help them transform from a high cost, pitch-based business development strategy to one where the firm commands the high ground in the relationship and shapes how its services are bought and sold.

Through his global consulting practice Enns works with owners of advertising agencies, design firms and public relations practices to help them transform from a high-cost, low-integrity, pitch-based business development strategy to one in which the agency commands the high ground in the relationship and shapes how its services are bought and sold.

As a speaker and author, Blair endeavors to be the sand in the industry-wide pitch machine, questioning creative firms and clients alike on the sanity of the pitch-based approach. Beyond questioning, however, he offers an alternative way forward for creative businesses, delivering a new set of protocols on how to gain new clients without first parting with ideas or sacrificing respect.

Blair has lectured and consulted across the Americas, Europe, Australia and the Middle East, addressing many national and international conferences of design, advertising and public relations. In fact, Blair has addressed our audience at our Workology 3.0 Conference held in Chandler AZ. He taught us a thing or two! Prior to launching Win Without Pitching in 2001, Blair spent 12 years working in account service and business development roles for some of the world"s largest ad agencies and some of its smallest design firms.

Blair Enns is author of the self-published Win Without Pitching - Sales Success for Marketing Communication Agencies, and author of the Win Without Pitching Newsletter. He has been published in Design Week magazine (UK, April 2007) and the journal Persuading (August, 2004, February 2005). His paper on Key Performance Indicators for Professional Practice Development was presented at the World Congress on Total Quality Management (2005).

Enns is a member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants. He operates from the remote mountain village of Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada, where he lives with his wife and four children.

Get in touch:

Phone: 250-353-2591



Connie Clary, Agency ADvisor

Agency ADvisor is an Arizona-based firm, that has focused on the needs of creative firms for over twenty years.
Agency ADvisor provides tools, resources, and expert advice to help agencies become more efficient and more profitable. Since 2001, Agency ADvisor has provided expert Workamajig implementation guidance to over 200 agencies
and in-house creative firms across the United States and Canada.

Our primary business focus at Agency ADvisor is Process and Workflow
Efficiency/Agency Management Consulting and Coaching. The first step in
becoming a more efficient and profitable shop is your foundation, your
Workamajig system. We believe that all agencies are unique. That is why all our
Workamajig implementations are customized to fit each client’s needs with one
common goal in mind; to ensure a successful implementation with the least
amount of disruption to your daily workflow and without smothering your
Our focus and hands-on approach has proven successful in managing the
changes that each employee faces with a new system and will guide you to a
new level of efficiency, eliminate redundancies and increased profitability. The
end result will be more jobs completed on time, on scope and on budget along
with better resource forecasting and staff allocation leading to higher
Our Workamajig expert, Connie Clary, has over 35 years of experience in the
Advertising Industry including being an agency owner herself. Having worked
onsite with over 750 agencies and in-house studios, her ‘Best Practices’ sharing
proves vital to any company implementing a new system.

Get in touch:

Agency ADvisor
Peoria, AZ 85382
Phone: 623.363.4453


Danni Smith, Sunset Consulting

Sunset Consulting Services is a consulting company formed by Danni Smith in 1997 specializing in advertising, design shops, and project-based businesses. SCS began by providing consultation and needs analysis services to help agencies select project-based accounting and management software packages to suit their specific needs. The company provided setup and training on various project management software applications designed for the advertising industry but soon realized that Creative Manager Pro (Workamajig) was a far more superior and robust product and decided to solely focus all her attention on Workamajig since early 2002 as WMJ’s first consultant.

Prior to Danni’s consulting adventure, she worked in the advertising industry for 15 years and has A-Z hands-on experience in all aspects of the business from initial proposals, handling of projects from beginning to end, all the way to financials — actually everything that Workamajig does. Because she started with CMP/WMJ early on, she has in-depth and vast experience in Workamajig on all levels to help her clients transition from their current product to Workamajig in a timely manner. "Setting up Workamajig for your specific needs is key to a successful transition." In addition, she provides continued support for technical and accounting needs after training and implementation. Her services extend to include solutions for increasing revenue, lowering overhead, and maximizing staff utilization. She states: “I can even assist in getting your accounting back on track if you have lost your grasp.”

Sunset Consulting Services has provided services to over 300 agencies and design shops both onsite and through web-based remote training. Web-based remote implementation and training has become quite popular over the last few years allowing staff to train not only from their home office but in short increments rather than trying to grasp the whole product in a few short days and having to be away from daily work all day. It truly has become a popular method of training/implementation.

Give her a call and get to know her.

Get in touch:
Sunset Consulting Services, Inc.
Phone: 386.532.1224


David C. Baker

David speaks to, writes for, and consults with the expertise marketplace via ReCourses, He has worked with 900+ firms under that umbrella, and tens of thousands of others have been through ReCourses seminars or attended a speaking engagement.

David also owns RockBench Publishing Corp., a traditional and electronic publisher of courageous thought leadership insight. Through it they give sharp thinkers the sort of platform they deserve. Search for “rockbench publishing” at Amazon and you’ll get a feel for the quality of the offerings.

David has been a featured speaker at nearly every marketing industry conference (APDF, HOW, AIGA, PRSA, Counselors Academy, MYOB, SEGD, BDA, PROMAX, Y, etc.), as well as nearly every association that serves this field. He has spoken at multiple TEDx events.

He has been a frequent contributor to nearly all the major publications that serve the marketing industry (Critique, Communication Arts, HOW, Rough, Creative Business, PR Intelligence Report, Creative Planet, In-Review, Graphic Artists Guild, Agency Insider Report, Post Industry, Internet Professional Publishers Association, etc.). David also edited Persuading for its entire tenure of six years, earning accolades from subscribers all over the planet.

His work has been discussed in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, Forbes, MarketingProfs, and BusinessWeek. David is also the author of three RockBench titles: Managing (Right) for the First Time, Financial Management of a Marketing Firm, and The Business of Expertise.


Get in Touch:
Phone: 615.831.2277


Matt Broderick, Minot Consulting LLC

Minot Consulting offers a full range of financial and operational services to advertising agencies, design studios, publishing houses, PR firms, and in-house marketing departments. We provide solid financial and operational guidance, backed by expert reporting and evaluation.

Workamajig is a key part of this process.

From estimate to invoice and including all of the reporting along the way, we can facilitate your seamless transition onto Workamajig. We’ll help you streamline systems, maximize efficiency, and keep you on track. Whether you’re new to Workamajig or an experienced user, we’ll help you get the most out of the program.

We let creatives be creative - by allowing them to concentrate on what they do best. From system review and implementation to outsourced CFO, Minot provides a broad spectrum of services.

With over 20 years of creative industry experience in finance, accounting and operations, founding partner Matt Broderick provides a unique understanding of both the creative and the numbers side of the business. Matt spent his first 10 years on the internal side, working as both an agency controller and operations manager in Boston. He’s spent the last 10 years on the outside looking in, as a consultant to creative firms. Matt has a BA in Liberal Arts and Business from Providence College and an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies from the Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College.

Get in touch:
Matt Broderick
Minot Consulting, LLC
Boston, MA




Kelly Campbell

Kelly is a Trauma-Informed Conscious Leadership Coach to high-impact leaders, including those in the agency space. The former owner of a cause marketing firm for 14 years, her coaching and consulting work focuses on personal development, purpose, positioning, people, pipeline and profitability. 

They are the host of THRIVE: Your Agency Resource, a popular podcast for creative, media and tech leaders, sponsored by E2M and WorkamajigA keynote speaker at conferences across the country, Kelly writes for Entrepreneur and has been featured in Forbes, Woman Entrepreneur, and The Startup on Medium. 

She is also the founder of Consciousness Leaders, the world's most diverse representation agency, pairing organizations with the experts they need to create positive change and drive lasting results. 

Her forthcoming book, on transforming trauma in order to uncover one's leadership power, is due to be released in Spring 2024 (Wiley). 

Get in Touch:
Phone: 845-304-9304

Tim Rice, Adtopia

Tim Rice, of Adtopia and Software Downunder has been intimately involved in the set-up of numerous creative service companies, as well as the implementation of their workflow systems and staff training for over 30 years.

He works with marketing teams worldwide in setting up Workamajig and helps them overcome any system roadblocks that may arise, discusses how to get the most out of the software, and helps creative agencies and teams get their systems up and running quickly and successfully. Now that you have chosen the best marketing project management tool, be sure to hire an expert to help you get the most out of Workamajig based on the specific needs of your team.

Tim is based in sunny Sydney, Australia, and has been successfully assisting businesses globally for over 3 decades. Get in touch today and see how working with an Aussie can be fun, as well as financially beneficial due to the reasonable hourly rates and favourable foreign exchange rate.

Get in Touch: 

Phone: +61 416 095 889


Karl Sakas, Sakas and Company

Growth is good… unless it gets out of control. As a management consultant and executive coach, Karl Sakas helps agency leaders make smarter decisions for smoother growth—with advice developed from experience guiding hundreds of agencies on every inhabited continent.

Sakas & Company helps simplify life for agency leaders with one-on-one support, executive education and resources, and training opportunities for you and your team.
What’s different about working with Karl as your agency consultant and coach?

First, you get a boutique client experience, with a structured yet flexible process. Clients love having a private, objective sounding board who can identify quick wins and help implement long term strategies. Running an agency is complex, but it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Second, Karl’s deep background in agency operations means he focuses on pragmatic advice, to help agency leaders uncomplicate their day-to-day while running the agency smoother. To help you build momentum, you'll get access to his Resource Library of 50+ time-saving templates. After all, success requires turning ideas into reality.

Third, Karl customizes his advice to your situation—your Values, Goals, and Resources. Your agency isn’t cookie cutter, so don't accept cookie cutter advice. This includes helping you stay actively accountable, with support dedicated to helping agency owners calm the chaos of agency life.

Karl has appeared in Digiday, Entrepreneur, Crain’s, and more. He speaks at events like INBOUND, SoDA Academy, and Content Marketing World. Karl is the author of Made to Lead, The In-Demand Marketing Agency, and more than 400 hundreds of articles on agency management.

When he’s not advising agency leaders, Karl enjoys volunteering as a bartender on a 1930s railroad car, mixing martinis at 100 miles an hour.

Ready to get your fast-growing agency under control again? Contact Karl to see if you’re a match.


Get in Touch: 

Phone: 919-410-6224


Vincent G. Dong, Advice Software & Consulting Inc.

Advice Software & Consulting Inc. is a 31 year old agency-focused management consulting firm that is owned and operated by Vince Dong.

Vince offers agency-specific Workamajig training for the operations and finance & accounting areas and works together with Workamajig to service the agency.

As importantly, he knows that in order to maximize the consistently profitable operations of an agency, it takes more than just the software to do so. There are many controllable and non-controllable issues including; agency culture, staff experience, client behaviors, type of client work offered, and even willingness to learn.

Vince thrives on solving an agency’s software and operations issues as he so often hears the phrase “Vince, we do things a little bit differently around here…”.

As one of Workamajig’s consultants, a successful implementation or re-implementation requires not only the understanding of Workamajig but also the melding of an agency’s language, the language of Workamajig, Accounting principles in the advertising industry and most importantly the accurate transfer of carryforward PM and Accounting data from the old system to Workamajig.

Vince also works with Workamajig’s competitors so he understands the most efficient way of transferring data.

Vince earned his CPA from E&Y and has a B.Comm from McMaster University in Canada. He also worked as the head finance person of an agency. Vince is currently Second Wind’s Operations Consultant. Vince has been servicing the North American advertising industry for over 35 years. Vince has also dealt with large and small agency reporting.

Vince makes it a point to have agencies be on the same page as Workamajig and vice-

Get in Touch:

Vincent G. Dong
Phone: 416-362-3664


Kimberley Fulwood, KF Strategies

At KF Strategies, we don’t just train our clients on Workamajig and then disappear. Workamajig isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of tool. To be most effective and to give you the greatest ROI, it must be tailored to how you do business and to the people and processes that drive it.

That’s why we work to ensure that all the aspects of your business are performing optimally. So, we start with your people, your most vital asset. We utilize tools from The Predictive Index to help connect your business strategy with a people strategy that addresses hiring, retention, team culture, and more.

Then, we evaluate your existing processes in accounting, operations, sales, and
administration. We identify and address any gaps that are limiting your business’s
potential for growth.

Lastly, we leverage Workamajig, and customize it to your unique requirements.
Your story is unique, as are your people and processes. So, we design solutions that
are customized and specific to you.
That is the KF Strategies difference.

Get in Touch: 

Kimberley Fulwood
Founder & CEO
Phone: 901-283-4872



Vanessa Edwards, Creative Performance

Creative Performance is a niche-consulting firm for the marketing services industry for both Independent + In-house. We specialize in helping marketing organizations through periods of explosive growth, integrated software deployments, change management, agency turnarounds, business intelligence initiatives, and liquidity events.

A little about us:
120+ clients
50 – 1,300 FTE
Independent, Network & Holding Companies
IHA - Fortune 100
70 + Workamajig Deployments & Redeployments

CPI: Philosophy & Approach
The primary goal of any CPI engagement can be broken down into three philosophical axes that act as the organizing force for all of our client engagements.

Organizational Agility (Future proof your agency)
  - Rapidly respond and adapt to changes in the marketplace
  - Strategically leverage technology to improve responsiveness
  - Prepare teams to move quickly by breaking down silos and org barriers

Operational Resilience (Bend, but don’t break)
  - Ability to continually provide quality service during adverse times
  - Ability to quickly recover from (and adapt to) unexpected events
  - Take advantage of market conditions in ways that competitors cannot

Business Intelligence (Data insights to improve performance)
  - Measure and manage performance in ways that create alignment
  - Early warning system; course corrector
  - Improve performance over time

If you have any specific questions regarding our philosophy, approach or client outcomes, please feel free to contact me directly at
- Vanessa Edwards, President

Get in Touch: 

Phone: 866-578-8611


Laurie Mikes, Second Wind

Second Wind’s founder and former managing director the late Anthony P. Mikes was an advertising executive who spent twenty-five years managing and owning advertising agencies and graphic design studios. Through his experience, Mr. Mikes came to recognize the value of shared information as it relates to successfully managing an advertising agency. 

Second Wind (Mr. Mikes’ second life in advertising) was the result. For more than thirty years, Second Wind has been a thought leader and innovator for smaller agencies. They provide world-class content, advice and services to help advertising, graphic design, marketing, interactive and pubic relations firms grow and in fact, to BE better.

Second Wind is currently led by Laurie Mikes. Laurie has been with Second Wind since 1996 and currently acts as Chief Operating Officer. She oversees the daily operations of the business while keeping one finger on the pulse of the industry.  In addition to consulting and training, Laurie is deeply involved with member agencies, speaking with them on a regular basis. Whether it's providing guidance about financial matters, agency growth or operations, her years of experience bring valuable insight and perspective to agencies looking to build a successful sustainable business. Second Wind and Workamajig have had a relationship for more than 15 years and
support each other in their endeavors to help advertising agencies work smarter, faster more efficiently and profitably.

Get in Touch: 
Phone: 610-374-9093


Lee Handley, Workamapro

Let me know if any of this sounds familiar:

- You are struggling to launch Workamajig.
- You want Workamajig to help you optimize your workflow and resources for profitability.
- You want to use Workamajig to its full potential - but you don’t know what you don’t know.
- You aren’t sure if you can trust your financial reporting.
- You want better dashboards and reports to make better decisions.

Issues like these can change the color of your hair. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if you could:

- Approach your implementation with confidence?
- Remove all risks of implementation failure?
- Understand the full impact of your implementation decisions before you make them?
- Create a system diagnostic to measure agency performance?
- Review your current state for opportunities to optimize profitability?
- Feel like your software system is working for you, instead of feeling like you’re “feeding a machine”?
- Sleep like a baby knowing your company financials are bulletproof?

If this is why you signed up for Workamajig in the first place, then Workamapro can help your agency thrive.

Workamapro exists to help agency owners optimize profitability. Don't waste resources solving the wrong problems. Understand them before making decisions impacting your solution. Our solutions are custom-designed to fit your agency. One-size-fits-all solutions create more problems than they solve.

My name is Lee Handley and I am the founder of Workamapro. I am a rehabilitated agency CFO turned profitability consultant. I have helped hundreds of agencies optimize their operations for profitability since 2008. I also happen to be the world’s #1 expert on the Workamajig software platform.

I come from the agency world. I’ve felt the struggles of making payroll and the joys of signing a new (gorilla) client. I understand that your agency is unique. Technology should never compromise your creative culture.

Now I’m getting excited about your project! Let’s start a conversation (click here) and get you back on track.

Or, check out our site by clicking here.

J. Mark Riggs, Pemberton

Mark is the founder and CEO of Pemberton which is a management consultancy that exists to be the go-to resource for marketing/communications agencies to discover and reveal pathways to organic growth while changing the mindset of an RFP-obsessed industry.

Before starting Pemberton, Mark spent 20 years in the agency world working for IPG’s Mullen Lowe, an Ad Age A-List Agency, Taylor, the Provoke’s Consumer Agency of the Decade, MWWPR and French/West/Vaughan, the Southeast’s largest independent agency.
Mark has spent a career learning the art of integrated communication developing and executing award-winning consumer programs for brands and companies like Allstate, Honda, Ford, Kimberly-Clark, Polaris, Coke, Diageo, RJ Reynolds, SunTrust Banks, the U.S. Navy, the Atlantic Coast Conference and ESPN, to name a few. Mark has a reputation as a business-builder and a strategic counselor and has experience in leading client services, insights and planning functions, as well as developing talent. A creative thinker and problem-solver, Mark believes that great thinking can “come from anywhere,” it’s the ability to harness it and leverage it for clients that makes the intellectual property of the agency valuable and an integral part of the marketing mix.

Get in touch:
Phone: 704-307-5255


Ahmed Samir, Farada

Ahmed Samir is an ‘accidental’ advertising business specialist with a unique mix of Middle Eastern, North American and European work experiences. 

Ahmed started his career as a Mechanical Engineer in the Oil & Gas  sector, and fell in love with the advertising sector later on when he joined a local Saudi agency in Riyadh, a shareholding partner of the internationally recognized WorldWide Partners Inc. (WPI) 

Ahmed started as a Business Analyst, as well as the agency’s focal point of contact with WPI and within a short time, got promoted to Business Development Director and Operations Director in the agency. 

From those two positions, Ahmed was able to work on major governmental projects, meet creative & marketing professionals from around the world, and think deeply about what would make an agency become successful. 

Ahmed has designed numerous operational workflows, written many operational manuals for agencies and MarCom teams, lead  Digital Transformation Programs, and worked on countless bids and pitches. 

Ahmed works closely with principals and directors to Optimize operational workflows, Automate procedures, and Expand business volume. He prepares agencies to properly scale up and break that glass ceiling. Ahmed’s preferred solution of choice for fully-integrated agency management is no other than Workamajig.  

Ahmed is based between Riyadh, and Cairo and serves the MENA region.

Get in touch:



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