These folks have helped countless agencies fix their processes, grow their profits, and scale their headcount... without the stress.


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Matt Broderick

Matt Broderick Minot Consulting LLC

Minot Consulting offers a full range of financial and operational services to advertising agencies, design studios, publishing houses, PR firms, and in-house marketing departments. We provide solid financial and operational guidance, backed by expert reporting and evaluation. Workamajig is a key part of this process.

Workamajig Certified
Blair Enns

Blair Enns Win Without Pitching

Blair Enns is on a mission to change the way creative services are bought and sold the world over. Through his global consulting practice Blair works with principals and personnel of design firms, ad agencies, public relations practices and other creative businesses to help them transform from a high cost, pitch-based business development strategy to one where the firm commands the high ground in the relationship and shapes how its services are bought and sold.

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Kelly Campbell

Kelly Campbell

Kelly is a Trauma-Informed Leadership Coach to high-impact leaders, including those in the agency space. The former owner of a cause marketing firm for 14 years, their coaching work focuses on personal development and past trauma's impact on present leadership style.

Karl Sakas

Karl Sakas Sakas and Company

Growth is good… unless it gets out of control. As a management consultant and executive coach, Karl Sakas helps agency leaders make smarter decisions for smoother growth—with advice developed from experience guiding hundreds of agencies on every inhabited continent.

Tim Rice

Tim Rice Adtopia

Tim Rice, of Adtopia and Software Downunder has been intimately involved in the set-up of numerous creative service companies, as well as the implementation of their workflow systems and staff training for over 30 years.

Kimberley Fulwood

Kimberley Fulwood KF Strategies

At KF Strategies, we don’t just train our clients on Workamajig and then disappear. Workamajig isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of tool. To be most effective and to give you the greatest ROI, it must be tailored to how you do business and to the people and processes that drive it.

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Danni Smith

Danni Smith Sunset Consulting

Sunset Consulting Services is a consulting company formed by Danni Smith in 1997 specializing in advertising, design shops, and project-based businesses. SCS began by providing consultation and needs analysis services to help agencies select project-based accounting and management software packages to suit their specific needs. The company provided setup and training on various project management software applications designed for the advertising industry but soon realized that Creative Manager Pro (Workamajig) was a far more superior and robust product and decided to solely focus all her attention on Workamajig since early 2002 as WMJ’s first consultant.

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Vanessa Edwards

Vanessa Edwards Creative Performance

Creative Performance is a niche-consulting firm for the marketing services industry for both Independent + In-house. We specialize in helping marketing organizations through periods of explosive growth, integrated software deployments, change management, agency turnarounds, business intelligence initiatives, and liquidity events.

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Anthony Gindin

Anthony Gindin Agency Different

Over the past 23 years, Anthony has built six companies, published two books, spoken at events around the world, worked with executive leaders in 17 countries and been recognized with 11 international marketing awards.

David C. Baker

David C. Baker Puntuation

David speaks to, writes for, and consults with the expertise marketplace via ReCourses, He has worked with 900+ firms under that umbrella, and tens of thousands of others have been through ReCourses seminars or attended a speaking engagement.

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Tina Hussion

Tina Hussion Bottom Line Advisors

Tina Hussion is the Founder and President of Bottom Line Ad-visors LLC. With over 30 years of experience in advertising, marketing, public relations, and media companies, she has mainly worked with the operations side of these sectors. Tina began her career as the Director of Accounting for a Colorado-based agency at a time when software was becoming available to agencies of all sizes. She successfully migrated her agency to an automated solution and then launched Bottom Line Ad-visors to implement and train software for nationwide agencies and marketing departments.

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Vincent G. Dong

Vincent G. Dong Advice Software & Consulting Inc.

ADvice Software & Consulting Inc. is a 31 year old agency-focused management consulting firm that is owned and operated by Vince Dong. Vince offers agency-specific Workamajig training for the operations and finance & accounting areas and works together with Workamajig to service the agency. Vince also works with other Project Management Software so he understands the most efficient way of transferring data. ADvice has decades of experience in software implementations most specifically migrating data from Advantage Software to Workamajig.

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Ahmed Samir

Ahmed Samir Farada

Ahmed Samir is an ‘accidental’ advertising business specialist with a unique mix of Middle Eastern, North American and European work experiences. Ahmed started his career as a Mechanical Engineer in the Oil & Gas sector, and fell in love with the advertising sector later on when he joined a local Saudi agency in Riyadh, a shareholding partner of the internationally recognized WorldWide Partners Inc. (WPI)

Lee Handley

Lee Handley Workamapro

Let me know if any of this sounds familiar: - You are struggling to launch Workamajig. - You want Workamajig to help you optimize your workflow and resources for profitability. - You want to use Workamajig to its full potential - but you don’t know what you don’t know. - You aren’t sure if you can trust your financial reporting. - You want better dashboards and reports to make better decisions.

Workamajig Certified
J. Mark Riggs

J. Mark Riggs Pemberton

Mark is the founder and CEO of Pemberton which is a management consultancy that exists to be the go-to resource for marketing/communications agencies to discover and reveal pathways to organic growth while changing the mindset of an RFP-obsessed industry.

Connie Clary

Connie Clary Agency ADvisor

Agency ADvisor is an Arizona-based firm, that has focused on the needs of creative firms for over twenty years. Agency ADvisor provides tools, resources, and expert advice to help agencies become more efficient and more profitable. Since 2001, Agency ADvisor has provided expert Workamajig implementation guidance to over 200 agencies and in-house creative firms across the United States and Canada.

Workamajig Certified

MAGNET is an active network of agency CEOs and Principals of independent advertising and marketing firms. We span six continents, have decades of thought leadership and insights, and create opportunities for growth for members. Our face-to-face approach and culture of transparency strengthens bonds between members and creates relationships to help answer those questions that keep agency leaders up at night.

Agency Management Institute (AMI) is a management consulting business that specializes in helping owners of small and medium sized marketing communication companies move up to their next performance level—and keep improving.

Canadian marketing expertise starts here. Say hello to the Canadian Agency Network (tCAN), Canada’s only network of independent advertising, marketing, and communication agencies. No one knows Canada better! Communicating in all languages with complete marketing expertise and a local know-how. From coast-to-coast.

Fueled by member collaboration, Taan Worldwide is a growth incubator for independent marketing agencies. Our relationships are what makes us different. We’re fiercely dedicated to an open culture, which promotes trust and connections that are often deeper than a typical business network – allowing for selfless collaboration and high-level idea exchange in pursuit of inventive solutions.

Second Wind gives smaller to mid-sized agencies the power they need to compete in the 21st century. Their vast resources and services help your agency become more efficient, more profitable and more successful.

Mirren is a training firm that specializes in advancing the skills of senior teams at agencies in digital, advertising, PR, experiential, and more. For client-facing teams, we provide the new skills, frameworks, and methods to more effectively impact each client’s pressing business needs – resulting in significant organic growth

Laurie Mikes

Laurie Mikes Second Wind

Second Wind’s founder and former managing director the late Anthony P. Mikes was an advertising executive who spent twenty-five years managing and owning advertising agencies and graphic design studios. Through his experience, Mr. Mikes came to recognize the value of shared information as it relates to successfully managing an advertising agency.

Workamajig Certified

Scale. Reach. Gravitas. The holding companies undeniably offer them. And if the drawbacks weren’t so equally obvious, one would own your agency by now. With AMIN, you’ll always forge your own path. You’ll just do it knowing you’ve got allies in over 50 talent-packed shops spanning the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. How’s that for gravitas?

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