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31 Team Building Activities Your Team Will Actually Love

“Team building activities”.

Does this phrase make your team members roll their eyes and slip off to the nearest exit?

You can’t really blame them. Most team building activities elicit embarrassment rather than enthusiasm. Whatever impact they might have is nullified by the sheer reluctance of your team members to participate in them.

However, there are some team building activities that your people will actually enjoy. Some of these will take just a few minutes, some might take hours. A few will impact your communication with a few others will improve collaboration skills.

I’ll share a huge list of such team building activities in this article. Use them freely at your next team retreat, weekend team getaway, or after-office activities.

September 18, 2017       |       By Esther Cohen       |        Resource Management, Creative Team

Why You Need Project Proposals if You're a Creative Professional

If you’re a creative professional, it would be safe to say that doing paperwork is pretty much at the bottom of your preferred tasks. And who can blame you? Time given over to filing and administrative work can be spent doing more imaginative and mentally-stimulating tasks instead.

September 14, 2017       |       By Esther Cohen       |        Project Management, Proposals

Five Steps to Hire & Manage a Remote Creative Team [Infographic]

There are many project management advantages for building a remote creative team. Some of the benefits include a more efficient hiring process, saving money, minimizing work-travel stress, and having access to global talent.

September 7, 2017       |       By Esther Cohen       |        Project Management, infographic

How to Create a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion Your Agency

As the recent Google memo fiasco showed, diversity and inclusion remain a challenge even for the world’s most successful companies.

Diversity, inclusion, and integrity aren’t just buzzwords; they are critical instruments for building a better, more sustainable business. They are also powerful recruiting tools - talented people want to work in a company that values them and cherishes their differences.

In a people-centric business, this can be a powerful competitive advantage.

So how exactly do you build a culture of diversity in your agency? How do you practice inclusion across your organization?

September 7, 2017       |       By Esther Cohen       |       

How to Win the Fight Against Information Overload

For quite some time now, the central problem of information work isn’t the lack of information; it’s the surfeit of it. Between email, text messages, social media, articles, videos and visual content, you have your hands full dealing with information.

August 30, 2017       |       By Esther Cohen       |        Project Management

8 Vital Project Management Skills (and How to Build Them)

Being a project manager is a tough job. It’s not enough to create project plans and delegate tasks. You also have to be a leader, a people manager and a clear communicator.

With so many skills to learn, which ones should you focus on developing first?

In this post, I’ll walk you through 8 vital but sometimes overlooked project management skills. You’ll learn the importance of these skills and get a brief lesson on how to develop them further.

August 22, 2017       |       By Esther Cohen       |        Project Management

How to Create Winning Client Communication Plans and Templates

Have your clients ever complained about not being ‘in the know’ about the status of their projects?

Have you ever waded deep into a project without knowing who to email in case of an emergency?

Do you routinely find yourself “winging it” on large projects, running pillar to post to figure out the next step?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you might be in need of a client communication plan.

August 16, 2017       |       By Esther Cohen       |        Project Communication

15 Unusual Agency Marketing Hacks to Boost Your Growth

The agency business is a tough one. There are over thousands of agencies in the US alone fighting for the same clients.

In the face of such immense competition, you need some radical ideas to stir your agency’s growth. Conventional marketing tactics might work, but they are too slow for the fast-paced agency business.

August 2, 2017       |       By Esther Cohen       |        Agency Management

The Psychology of Productivity: How to Work Better, Longer, Faster

Productivity is the defining word of the modern workplace.

July 20, 2017       |       By Esther Cohen       |        Creative Management

How to Hire, Manage and Retain a Remote Team of Creative Workers

There is a change afoot in the way the world works.

July 12, 2017       |       By Esther Cohen       |        Creative Team
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