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Is Project Management Different in an Ad Agency?

Is project management different in an advertising agency? The short answer is a resounding “no.” While traditional project management is generally associated with more technical industries—IT, engineering, architecture, and so forth—the basic tenets of good, old-fashioned project management extend themselves across industries.

March 27, 2017       |       By Penny Kooy       |        Project Management, Agency Management

Avoiding the Content Avalanche: Why You Need a Project Management System

Do you hear that low rumble that grows louder by the moment?

It is the sound of approaching doom. With too much content to create and too little time to do it well, deadlines could be blown, budgets busted, and clients angered.

But it’s not too late yet. If you act quickly, you can avoid being buried in the content avalanche. Just secure the funding, the resources, and the systems you need to keep your projects on time, within budget, and in line with clients’ expectations.

Here are six reasons why you need a project management system—and now.

March 22, 2017       |       By Penny Kooy       |        Project Management, Project Management Software

The Other King: How Project Management Fits Into a Content Marketing Agency

While there are many differences between a typical creative agency and a content marketing agency, there are also many similarities. Especially when considering creative project management best practices that can be applied to content marketing as well. While the carryover may not be a 100 percent match, the similarities make it easy to apply these three aspects:

March 17, 2017       |       By David Arnold       |        Project Management

5 Lessons Learned From Failed Creative Projects

All failure is not bad. As they say, failure can be a great teacher. However, it definitely takes a steadfast, selfless leader to take a catastrophic creative project and turn it around into a learning experience. 

March 13, 2017       |       By Rod Ripley       |        Project Management

How to Build a More Integrated Project Management Plan

It’s becoming more and more crucial to have a solid integrated project management plan in place after the sales process is completed. New projects are complex, and with the ability to streamline and integrate various facets of the project management process comes the chance to accomplish more with the same time and effort. Here are four ideas to improve your integrated project management plan:

March 1, 2017       |       By Ron Ause       |        Project Management

How to Get Derailed Projects Back on Track

Neither rain nor sleet nor hail may stop the mail.

Yet inclement weather, incalcitrant employees, uncooperative clients, or seemingly just about anything else trivial or significant can derail a creative project. In fact, given that factors as disparate as deadlines, budgets, resources, and expectations must coalesce to stay on track, projects that go exactly as planned are probably rarer than those that derail along the way. 

February 21, 2017       |       By Rod Ripley       |        Project Management

From Kickoff to Completion: How to Rock Your Next Project

Project management requires both forethought and dedication. Forethought, as in the ability to think clearly about what the entire project will entail and lay out an adequate plan for it. Dedication, as in the perseverance to adhere to that plan and see things through. But the best-laid plans can still go awry. That’s where the third piece of the puzzle arises: flexibility. From project kickoff to submitting your final deliverable, here are the three steps to rocking your next project:

February 20, 2017       |       By David Arnold       |        Project Management

Tried-and-True Brainstorming Strategies for Your Next Creative Project

Inspiration isn’t spontaneous.

Yes, the great idea for a creative project is akin to the proverbial light bulb going off in your head. But the light doesn’t come on by itself. In fact, it may require the equivalent of you pushing your way through a crowded room to flick the switch. 

February 14, 2017       |       By Julie Huntley       |        Project Management

Test Your Agency Project Management IQ With These 3 Questions

Project management has many paths to success. The old adage “there are many roads to Rome” can be applied to agency project management. However, there are a few common areas where a wrong decision can create a lot more work in the long run. Using some simple guidelines, you can keep your project on the correct path and “heading to Rome” without any setbacks. How well do you follow best practices for agency project management? 

February 8, 2017       |       By Penny Kooy       |        Project Management

3 Reasons Why Integrated Project Management Belongs in Higher Ed

As 2016 comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to reflect on this year’s successes and where there’s opportunity for improvement. It’s a particularly fertile time of year for creative teams across all industries. Budgets are redistributed, metrics are finalized, and holiday parties run red with mulled wine.

January 25, 2017       |       By David Arnold       |        Project Management
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