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Workamajig has a large training and support organization for our clients. To help you get the most out of Workamajig, we provide you with a dedicated account manager and a large team of supporting staff members.

Workamajig offers free and unlimited email, phone & chat support (available from within the help guide) during normal business hours.

Below, meet the full Workamajig team. They will be your teachers, your counselors, your lifeline and, we'd like to think, your buddies. Seriously, they're really nice. It's a job requirement:)

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Birgitte Hipple

Birgitte Hipple

Birgitte grew up in sunny Huntington Beach — "Surf City" — California, where the Beach Boys and boogie boards were the norm. Now that she’s moved to Arizona, where the boogie board was exchanged for hiking boots, her hobbies include hiking through the desert with her dogs while avoiding cactus and snakes, spending any available time with her beloved grandchildren and when summer’s too hot to be outside, she’s indoors quilting. Birgitte is a veteran of Workamajig’s training program with specialties in accounting and numbers. Much of her spare time is spent chasing that elusive $0.01..

Brittany Fauss

Brittany Fauss

Brittany joined the Workamajig team not too long ago and is already the resident expert in resource management. She comes to the team with more than seven years’ experience supporting clients over the phone. And she’s just six classes away from a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from the University of Phoenix. An Arizona native, Brittany enjoys wakeboarding, rollercoasters, skydiving and rock climbing, because she’s young and fears not death. She also enjoys traveling, baking and playing board games, because her husband has a reasonable concern for their mutual safety.


Cheraye Delp

Cheraye calls herself a dancing machine, despite repeated requests that she stop dancing at her desk. A native Californian, she attended college in Connecticut because she hates sunshine and year-round comfortable temperatures. Cheraye graduated cum laude from Quinnipiac University with a degree in international business and has spent more than a decade working in the financial services industry, with experience in marketing, client relationship management and business development. She is known throughout the industry as a solution provider, a dedicated client satisfaction specialist and a mean third baseman. In her free time, her travels have taken her to India, Brazil, Thailand, Greece, Panama and Hawaii.


Daniel Anderson

Daniel  was born and raised in Southern California and has four years of experience in IT roles, including help desk and network administration. Now, he is now bringing a little sunshine to the Workamajig team. When he’s not helping clients maximize the Workamajig system, you can find him collecting HotWheels, cooking a legendary chicken fried steak, and spending time with his young son, who is currently trying to set a world record for the most times a human being has said ''no."


David Arnold

David has been wandering in Workamajig’s darkened caves for ‘round about eight years, give or take. He studied “the past, present and future of the human animal” (archaeology, anthropology and biology) at Northern Arizona University and came out with a bachelor’s degree and a future wife. David, who wrongly believes he’s one of the few 'Zonis on the training staff, spent years working with agencies like J. Walter Thompson and McCann-Erickson and Fortune 100 companies in Tokyo before coming back to the U.S. and to Workamajig.

Ian Howard

Ian Howard

Ian was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico but has now lived in Arizona for two and a half years and loves everything about living here (except yard work when its 115 degrees)! He has a BS in electronics, communications, and engineering with past experience as a software engineer, doing remote support for large tech companies all over the world and as a fiber optic network technician making sure that my customers had the best network connectivity possible. He is married with six kids, two of them are adopted with special needs. He loves teaching and playing with the newest addition to his large family who is only six months old, the next challenge for him is teaching her to say Workamajig! He loves being a baseball little league coach for his boys and taking the whole family scorpion hunting to see who can catch the biggest one....of course, mom always wins!!

Jennifer Broadwater

Jennifer Broadwater

Jennifer comes to Workamajig with a B.A. in Justice Studies from ASU and a plethora of career experience including Probation Officer, Mailman, Bank Manager, and Financial Aid Officer. Her hobbies include; mixed media artist, photography, boating, and snow skiing. Her favorite vacation spots are Del Mar and Telluride. Her favorite movies include Swingers, Whiplash, and The Princess Bride. Her favorite book is The Catcher in the Rye and her favorite shows are Game of Thrones, Dexter, and Breaking Bad. Jennifer is one of the rare individuals that have zero social media because she likes the old fashioned pen and paper method of communication. Her family includes a husband, two teens and a Belgian Malinois. When Jennifer grows up she wants to be a drummer in a band. 


Leslie French

Leslie has Arizona and Texas certifications for teaching kindergarten through eighth grade, so teaching full-grown adults how to implement new project management software for the past two years has been a relative breeze. That said, she received her master's degree in education from Arizona State University, so she feels prepared for anything. Leslie grew up in Arizona and spent a few years in Austin, Texas, where her daughters and the cutest toddler grandson in the world, no arguments will be heard, still live.


Manuel Rivera

Manuel, who is “still growing up” in Phoenix Arizona, brings seven years of experience in support for CRM and accounting software to the Workamajig Team. A lifelong learner, Manuel spent time at the University of Arizona and studied Applied Mathematics, cultivating his love of numbers like a desert rose. Today, you can find him learning music on both the piano and the guitar and learning about bunnies, kittens, barbies, and everything pink from his three amazing daughters.


Mark Rosen

(IT Support)

Mark Rosen has been on the Workamajig team since '08 and operates out of a hidden bunker somewhere deep in the Michigan woods. He graduated with a BA of PSY from Michigan State and is a loyal Michigan State Spartans fan whose favorite color is, naturally, green.


Marlene Calabrese

Marlene has been at Workamajig for eight years but has more than a decade in the world of corporate training. Past clients have involved major advertising and marketing firms, Fortune 500 companies and one class of very precocious fourth-graders. She finds her Workamajig clients, on the whole, to be far more pleasant to work with than any of her previous clients. Marlene spends her days at the office, her weekends attending her children’s baseball and softball tournaments and most evenings as the backup pin-setter at her family’s retro late-night bowling alley.


Randy Brandhagen

Randy really likes school. He has received a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership (business management) from Northwest Christian University and associate degrees in computer science, science and business from Lance Community College, after which Workamajig told him the only way he could keep going to school would be as a trainer. His work is a fairly even mix of project management, change management and professional services development. An Oregon native, Randy moved to Arizona with his family in 2003 and has continued a three-decade reign of terror as an astonishingly agile softball second baseman.


Rod Ripley

Rod was part of Workamajig’s initial software engineering team and is, in fact, the person who decided that the system should be Web-based rather than just relying on people to yell really loudly. He decided to make the switch to the client services side of the business when his doctor diagnosed him with a vitamin D deficiency from a lack of sunlight. He has since been identified in the Workamajig yearbook as “Most Likely to Fluoresce Under a Black Light.” Rodrick is a Lego enthusiast and was the model for the gas pump attendant for Lego’s 1999 “Power Pitstop” building set.


Ruth Rumbaugh

Ruth has worked at Workamajig for longer than she chooses to disclose. A licensed driver in the state of Arizona with no criminal record, Ruth spends her time reading novels with her three cats and video-chatting with her kids and grandkid from North Carolina. She’s a Diamondbacks fan and has recently discovered ice hockey, which is actually played in Arizona because they play it inside where it’s cold. (Go Coyotes!) Ruth is an Aries and enjoys long walks on the beach, cuddling by the fire and a strong man at her side.


Sherry Blanche

Sherry and family traded Western Nebraska for the Arizona desert in 2007. Soon after joining Workamajig, Sherry had aced Workamajig Trainer Training and really likes helping others learn the system. Pre-Workamajig, she was owner/publisher of a weekly newspaper for more than a decade, following a 10-year career as a foot model and data entry specialist (none of which relate to her Univ. of Neb. degree). She has summited the highest point in Arizona (Humphreys Peak) and Nebraska (Panorama Point), and is featured on a postcard promoting the latter (which is less of a point and more of buffalo-filled, flat field).

Leta P.

Leta is from the Midwest and still trying to figure out this desert and cacti thing. Misses the winter wonderland of snow, cheese curds, Bascom hill pink flamingos. She spends most of her time corralling her three rowdy puppies. Believes duct tape and a brandy old fashioned will fix anything.

Darja M.

Before joining Workamajig as a Client Satisfaction Specialist, Darja prepared for this role by working hard to please her two daughters and eight grandchildren (plus getting ready for one more on the way!). She was born in the Netherlands and grew up in California and she feels grown up “most days” – but that doesn’t mean you won’t find her spending time with her family and sewing baby items for the growing group.

Kathy B.

Kathy grew up in Colorado, where after getting her degree in business administration and finishing her volleyball career, decided to head south to a warmer climate. She and her husband raised two very active boys and attended more of their sporting events than anyone could ever imagine. She joins Workamajig after working many years in a variety of customer oriented jobs. In her spare time, she can be found golfing one of Phoenix’s many courses or watching a good movie.

Angie Shanley

Angie grew up in the last frontier, Alaska. Yes, everyday she walked uphill, in 3 feet of fresh snow, in the dark, back and forth from elementary school. She spent many years moving from state to state with her last company so likes to think she is adventurous, NOT! She is one proud mother of a beautiful son. If you can't find her at her sales desk, then chances are she's bear crawling around Anthem looking for those read soled shoes.

Julie Huntley

Julie grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she had many seasonal adventures & tried very hard to enjoy the long winters as much as she loved the short summers. She tried everything from water skiing to snowshoeing before finally moving to Arizona for year round sunshine with her young family in 2005. Julie worked in financial operations management for many years, and then gravitated to the graphic arts scene where she was a production coordinator, workflow specialist, and also worked in account management. Julie is a 9-year veteran with Workamajig, and when she’s not showing off all the fabulous features of Workamajig to prospective clients, she enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, reading and cooking. For her kids, she transitions easily from the intense loudness of cheering for her son on the football field to the quiet serenity of the golf gallery for her daughter.

Kristie Golding

Kristie is a 10 year veteran of Workamajig. We keep her around because she knows the best system shortcuts for the sales team. She has a 20 year background in real estate sales and financing, primarily in the new construction industry.  Kristie was born and raised in Utah and moved to Arizona about 30 years ago. Having survived many summers of 120 degrees she now claims official status as an Arizonian. As an avid horse enthusiast, part of her Arizona family and experience includes Arabian show horses. She has also volunteered as a mentor/ trainer in a horse program at a local children's shelter where she shared her special knowledge of these incredible animals with children at risk and witnessed many miracles take place as they opened their hearts to these gentle giants and a new hope.  When not qualifying sales leads and supporting the sales staff at Workamajig, Kristie enjoys her grand kids and constant companion, "Oso", her white Shi Tzu. 


Marc Hayes

Marc is a Sales Executive who works on the Sales team to help potential clients learn how Workamajig can produce better results for their businesses. He has a professional background in fundraising for children's hospitals and special needs programs in Phoenix area.  Marc grew up in Pittsburg, PA and graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in business communications. He resides in Anthem, Arizona with his wife and 2 daughters...soon to be an empty nester.  Marc loves a good practical joke!


Megan Ivan

Megan Ivan was born and raised in Southern Colorado, but decided to trade the snowy winters for the desert sunsets of Arizona. With a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications and over 10 years of experience in customer service, Megan is excited to be helping clients get started with Workamajig. She jokingly considers herself an "indoor cat" since her hobbies include reading, watching movies and TV series and painting. She is hoping to add paddle boarding to that list, if her reflexes prove to be cat-like as well.


Penny Kooy

Penny has been a bit of a gypsy, moving from one side of the country and back with stops in middle America along the way. But she always ends up back ‘home’ in Arizona. With 4 kids & all of their activities that keep her super-busy, having home base is definitely a necessity. And that’s not her only family. Penny has been a part of the Workamajig family for many years (we won’t say how many, it’s a girl thing ;D ). She started out as an Account Manager & then moved to the Sales Team to provide demonstrations of all things Workamajig. Now that she's settled in one location, when Penny feels that need to explore, instead of moving to a new place she gets on her Harley and goes for a ride. You know when she shows up at the office in leathers she’s about to get some wind in her face and find a happy place.