Make smart, data-backed decisions

Get the agency management software you need to connect every part of your agency & easily create clear, actionable reports.

Run your agency on hard data, not best guesses

Swap gut feelings for accurate data and dramatically improve your agency's profitability. Workamajig gives agency leaders the visibility needed to identify their best clients and highest-margin projects.

  • Do more of what works. Identify & focus on the clients, projects & services that drive true profitability
  • See how your key financial metrics trend over time with our easy-to-use Metrics Monitor
  • Grow with confidence. Improve cash flow, make smart hiring decisions & build an agency that lasts



Integration gives you insight

Why use separate tools for time tracking, project management, resourcing, finance & reporting? 

Get everyone on board & gain visibility across the board.

  • Don't wait hours for reports - get the data you need, when you need it, in real-time
  • No need to gather & merge data from other tools - just start analyzing
  • Reliable forecasts let you proactively manage agency growth & resources




Even more features

Cash flow

Detailed cash flow reports help you understand your complete financial health.


Track budgets across every project and every role to ensure they're set up for success.

Custom reports

Create reports for accounting, team leaders, or anyone with the exact data they need.

Robert Lunny, CFO @ AV Concepts

Our team went through an extensive evaluation process and Workamajig was the only platform we found that would fit well for a creative agency.

Getting people off multiple legacy systems to an integrated system like Workamajig actually saved me money.

Tired of one-size-fits-all solutions that don't actually fit?

Grow your agency with Workamajig