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What Metrics Matter? (February 24)

It’s Profits for February!

When people throw around words like ‘project budget analysis’ or ‘billable summary report’, does your heart sink to your toes? Do you start chewing your nails off when you hear things like ‘revenue forecast’ or ‘time productivity analysis’?

These reports sure are scary when a) you’re not sure what they mean, and b) you have a funny feeling you should be using them or using them properly.

If you're that metric-allergic sorta project manager, this newsletter was created for you. You're welcome. And, even if words like ‘reports’ and ‘analysis’ are music to your ears, you’ll definitely benefit from the following:

We’ve created a list of the top most important metrics and reports for project managers to keep track of. Each one is broken down so you never have to wonder what in the world they mean again.

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