There are nearly 267,601 people working in advertising agencies

What does a creative agency do? A creative agency is a company that develops and executes innovative responses to help businesses with their marketing by increasing brand awareness, highlighting products or services and most importantly, drive profits. Many creative agencies offer services like branding, marketing, advertising, design, public relations, social media and many more.

Many companies hire creative agencies to outsource the work they may not have an in-house team for and to utilize experts in the field. This additional support can also help companies free up their internal team to focus on other work advancing the business. Typically, if a business is looking to increase profits, they'll turn to agencies to create a marketing strategy to amplify the business as a brand to help achieve their goals.

You may find a variety of titles and roles at agencies but generally the most common leadership roles in a creative agency are: Project Managers, Account Managers, Creative Director, Traffic Manager, Account Director and Brand or Marketing Managers.

The average salaries of leadership in creative agencies

Including average annual bonus

Least satisfied

Most satisfied







Brand or
Marketing Manager


Creative Director




  Glassdoor Salary Expert Indeed Overall
Job role Salary Bonus Salary Bonus Salary Bonus Average salary Average bonus Total Salary satisfaction
Account Director $117,338 $23,745 $63,813 $1,927 $106,273 $50,000 $95,808 $25,224 $121,032 76%
Creative Director $127,046 $11,525 $69,208 $5,239 $98,562 - $98,272 $8,382 $106,654 69%
Brand or Marketing Manager $114,440 $7,272 $101,200 $7,661 $69,492 - $95,044 $7,467 $102,511 64%
Account Manager $65,852 $25,632 $73,778 $5,696 $64,823 $18,000 $68,151 $16,443 $84,594 56%
Project Manager $81,302 $4,898 $69,208 $5,239 $68,222 - $72,911 $5,069 $77,979 63%
Traffic Manager $67,903 - $31,924 $504 $66,098 - $55,308 $504 $55,812 45%

If you are looking for your next role on a creative team or agency, we have a free job board that helps you find jobs, gigs, and opportunities in the creative industry.

The U.S. advertising revenue is projected to be $286 billion by 2024

Recent demographic data shows that roughly 53% of the industry's employees are women

63% of employees offer their workers a hybrid work model, which involves a combination of working remotely and in person

Agency & leadership statistics you need to know

For those leading agencies or perhaps thinking of starting their own creative or digital agency, staying on top of your own business insights is just as important as being aware of changes in the industry and the demographics and preferences of agency employees and trends.

Within the advertising and related industry sector, the number of advertising agencies alone kept fairly steady in recent years, at close to 14,280. Statista
Benchmarks place successful employee utilization rates between 85 and 90%. Parkeeto
Most of the agencies (38%) have monthly retainers of $1,001 - $2,500. Some 22% also have retainers of $2,501 - $5,000 and less than 10% have retainers of $10,001 - $15,000 in a month. Databox
22% of agency owners think it's best to review the retainer fees in three months. The majority, however, says you can revisit the pricing when necessary. Databox
Research indicates that agencies prefer to have clients on retainers and try to keep the number of projects they take on in addition to that limited. Databox
According to a survey of agency owners, almost 60% said they had declined a client at least once. Databox
According to ANA and Forbes, the advertising industry's annual turnover rate is around 30%, the second-highest rate overall, after tourism. Project Cor
According to reports done by 4As alongside with LinkedIn show that the turnover rate has increased 10% compared to related industries. Project Cor
96% of employees in the advertising industry felt confident in their ability to find another job easily. Project Cor
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average tenure for workers between 25 and 34 years is 3.2 years. This is even shorter in the marketing industry, with marketing specialists having one of the highest turnover rates at 19.8%. Project Cor
The number of organizations offering paid maternity leave dropped to 35% (from 53% in 2020) and the number offering paid paternity leave dropped to 27% (from 44%). SHRM
1 in 5 employers offer mental health days. SHRM
76% of employees say better perks and benefits offered by another company are an enticement to leave. 24 Seven Talent
Of the 62% of employers that offer employees a subsidy or reimbursement for at-home office or work equipment. On average, these employers provided about $891 to employees to cover costs related to working from home. SHRM
Campaign's Future of the Office survey of agencies shows that the 3:2 hybrid model is reigning supreme. Of the 91% who said their offices were open, 21% said most employees were coming in three times a week, 50% twice a week, and 16% once a week. Campaign
70% of agencies said they had changed, or had plans to change, the layouts in order to maintain the relevance of their offices. Campaign
The average desk price at coworking spaces in the US was $855 per month. Statista
Atlanta, GA has been ranked most creative city in the United States, with the highest number of talent and creative outlets per capita. Workamajig
More than 50% of agencies have 41-100 employees. Workamajig
More than 99% of agency employees believe that a benefits package can help determine whether or not an applicant will accept the job. Workamajig
93% of agency employees would value being able to choose their own benefits. Workamajig
Only 52% of agencies offer mental health resources and only 70% of agencies offer paid parental leave. Workamajig
Nearly 30% of agencies offer 15-20 days of paid time off (PTO) and only 10% of agencies offer 5-10 days of PTO. Workamajig
Nearly 42% of agency employees don't want their company to publicize pay ranges for specific roles. Workamajig