For Agencies

See why thousands of creative leaders manage their agencies with Workamajig.

For In-House Teams

See why Fortune 500 marketing departments run on Workamajig


Critical business intelligence for growing agenices

Workamajig grows with you, giving you all the marketing tools you need to connect projects to profit on a team, office, or global scale

Run your agency on hard data, not best guesses

Swap gut feelings for accurate data and dramatically improve your agency's profitability. Workamajig gives agency leaders the visibility you need to identify your best clients and highest-margin projects. All from one high-level dashboard.

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Do more of what works

Double down on clients, projects, and services that drive profitablility.

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Financial KPIs

See how your key financials metrics trend over time with Metrics Monitor

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Grow with confidence

Improve cash flow, hire based on need, & build an agency built to last


Get everyone on board & get visibility across the board

Why use separate tools for time tracking, project management, resourcing, finance, and reporting? Integration. Creative input time and expenses. PMs input project details and progress. And Workamajig's marketing tool gives you the visibility and insight you need to make better business decisions.

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Real-time insight

Don't wait hours for reports- get the data you need when you need it

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All data in one place

No need to gather & merge data from other tools- just start analyzing

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Forecast revenue

Reliable forecasts let you proactively manage agency growth & resources

All-in-one platform

Get the full picture

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Cash flow

Detailed cash flow reports help you understand your financial health
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Track budgets across every project and every role to ensure they're set up for success
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Custom reports

Create reports for clients, accounting, or team leaders, only with the data they need

What happens when all your marketing agency management tools are fully integrated?

More profit. Less stress.
That’s Workamajig.

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