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Project & Account Management

A full-featured, intuitive system that delivers meaningful insights in real-time. Take a look:


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Develop project estimates, schedules and creative briefs

Easy-to-use templates allow you to create accurate estimates and route them to clients for approval, to develop schedules with multiple target dates, and to generate creative briefs quickly.


Track Open Items & project communications in one place

Track and share all project communications, including client conversations, to streamline project management. Communications that are organized and easily searchable keep your project on track.


Manage client and project budgets

Integrate budget tracking and insights into every project, to ensure that you’re meeting targets. Get notifications of budget concerns early in the process, so you can allocate resources more effectively.

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Even more project & account management features


Obtain client approval & feedback

Streamline the feedback process to keep projects on schedule, and get fast approval from your clients for a more efficient turnaround.


Track time spent

Get insight into elapsed time for every project, allowing you to bring on additional resources or make staffing changes that are needed to hit your deadlines.


Prepare status reports

Stay on top of every aspect of every project with status reports that can be easily shared with clients, or internal teams.

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Get real-time project status

Every change, every bit of feedback, every communication: you’ll have it all. Projects are updated in real time, so you always know exactly where you stand.

What our customers are saying

  • lady.png

    “[Workamajig] noticed I had too much to do in one day and let everyone know and showed me what a real scheduling program is supposed to do. Over the following weeks, we grew a great bond, and my life is a better place with Workamajig in it. Thank you, Workamajig!”

    Jessica Brannen

    Account Executive

    client since 2013

  • testimonial_amywolfe.png

    “We have used several [Workamajig consultants] over the years and loved them. They have helped us with our initial setup in addition to helping us figure out a work-around or different ways to achieve goals within Workamajig.”

    Amy Wolfe

    Manager of Operations

    client since 2007

  • testimonial_sarahwhisson.png

    “Workamajig was built for agencies, by a group of guys that have been there, done that. The capabilities within the program allow for tracking leads, generating estimates, providing access to clients to approve estimates, requesting quotes, providing access to vendors to respond, generating orders, tracking time, invoicing the client and reconciling projects.”

    Sarah Whisson

    Director of Finance

    client since 2011

  • testimonial_amyweiser.png

    “The best part about using Workamajig is the opportunity to customize the look, feel, screens and more to be exactly as each individual would prefer them to be. Not one interface needs to look like another, and I love being able to use it as I need in a way that best suits my working style and borderline-OCD organization. Thank you for being a custom solution for our industry and being easy to use and learn.”

    Amy Weiser

    Integrated Media Specialist

    client since 2006