Unlocking Coordination and Organization at Anderson Partners Advertising with Workamajig

Tiffany Ellis
Anderson Partners Advertising
August 15, 2023
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Tiffany Ellis is a Project Coordinator at Anderson Partners Advertising.

Workamajig helps you keep an eye on things so things aren’t overlooked or done twice.
Having all information for all projects in one spot means employees don’t need to ask a thousand questions, which saves a lot of time.

“We need to be better organized and that’s the goal with Workamajig.”



Tiffany Ellis project coordinator Anderson Partners advertising.

Workamajig is going to help me to keep an eye on everything so things aren't done twice and nothing gets overlooked.
We're starting to use it a little bit with invoicing and billing for the first time this month and also for regular project management type things like file sharing and communicating.
Just that availability of some of the projects in one spot where everybody can look it up and not have to go out of their way to ask a thousand questions is great. We need to be better organized and that's the goal of Workamajig.

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