AV Concepts leverages Workamajig to drive business results.

Robert Lunny
AV Concepts
May 10, 2023
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Robert Lunny, CFO of AV Concepts Discusses Workamajig’s Finance Management Software. AV Concepts leverages cutting-edge technology and audio-visual solutions to drive business results.

- Workamajig was the only software that would fit our in-house agency.
- Our only hesitation before buying Workamajig was that the price seemed too good for what they were offering, we thought we were missing something!

Workamajig is a fully integrated project management system that does it all for advertising agencies and in-house creative teams.


I'm Robert Lunny I'm the CFO of a company called AV Concepts and we have a creative agency within our company that is on the Workamajig platform.
How did you hear about Workamajig? 
 We were looking for a project management platform and one person on our team went through an extensive evaluation process. Workamajig was the only platform we found that would fit well for a creative agency and also would possibly work for our production company like an AV staging company. 
Did you have any hesitation? 
 You know, the hesitation... This is gonna sound like I was paid to say it but it was like the product was so good and the price was so reasonable we thought this couldn't be true like they said we're missing something!
So I was really the economic buyer and the decision and when I looked at what the product was going to cost us, I was getting a sophisticated project management tool, I was getting general ledger financial reporting, I was getting like automated workflow and approval processes, and a CRM any one of those on their own it could be more expensive than what I was paying for Workamajig!
So for me, it was a very easy decision and I wanted to move as I saved money by moving people to Workamajig so I didn't look at it as you know an additional cost it actually saved me money getting people off multiple legacy systems to an integrated system like Workamajig.

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