David James Company Discovers Their All-in-One Solution With Workamajig

Cindy Van Henkelum
David James Company
July 17, 2023
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Cindy Van Henkelum is an Office Manager for David James Company - a full-service marketing agency in Lombard, Illinois

Cindy’s biggest challenge is monthly billing, getting expenses set up, and ensuring they’re approved properly.

Workamajig has taken the billing process from two and a half weeks to a week.

Cindy says that as a software built specifically for creative teams, Workamajig has helped them transition from just winging it, to having true insight into profitability.

Why did David James switch to Workamajig?

“We switched to Workamajig because of its integration and because it has project management, accounting, and CRM all in one. It’s a one-stop-shop.”

And what about Workamajig support, Cindy?

“Workamajig support for us has been awesome, from our process onboarding, our account manager has worked with us seamlessly to make sure everything is working on the back end properly. She also worked to ensure that our core team was trained properly which allowed us to train the rest of the team. Since we went alive, every time we need her, she is there for us, and we never have to wait long for answers.”


My name is Cindy Van Henkelum, I'm the office manager for the David James company we're based in Lombard Illinois which is just outside of Chicago. We have two divisions, the David James Company -which is a full-service marketing company, and Blue Water Communications-which is a public relations agency. I handle all of the accounting from billing to accounts payable receivable and financial reporting as well as all the payroll, all the human resources-so all of that.
I'd say one of the biggest challenges I have is our monthly billing because I'm billing for both divisions of the company so there's two different types of clients and two different types of billing because one division does time and material billing and one does mostly fixed fee billing and then getting everything in and having all the expenses set up, making sure they're approved properly and making sure that the people who need to approve them put the urgency on it.
Workamajig has definitely helped with our billing. We initially launched it with the Blue Water and it's taken our billing process from about two and a half weeks to about a week and we're hoping to see the same results with the David James group as we're about to launch their billing. I've noticed that the billing worksheets are definitely going to help with that. The fact that Workamajig is built specifically for agencies is definitely a plus for us because it's going to help us with project profitability and client profitability versus us just kind of winging it.
We switched to Workamajig because of its integration and the fact that it has project management, accounting, CRM and it's eliminated everything else we used to have. It's a One-Stop shop.
Workamajig support for us has been awesome from our onboarding process about a year ago our account manager has worked with us seamlessly to make sure everything was set up on the back end properly and to make sure our core team was trained properly-which gave us the opportunity to train everyone else in our agency. Since we went live anytime we need her she is there for us and we never have to wait too long for answers even if she doesn't have the answer she finds somebody who does. Our one big thing about Workamajig is it's a One-Stop shop. Everything we need is in one place at Workmagic.com

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