How Workamajig has revolutionized employee workloads at EA Collective

Ed Campbell
EA Collective
January 8, 2024
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Red Productions is a full-service video production company and has been with Workamamajig since 2019. Ed Campbell is a post-production supervisor, in charge of traffic management and assigning tasks and schedules.



  • Discerning the company’s capacity to take on new projects
  • Figuring out if people are overworked
  • Tracking if they are under budget


  • Using Workamajig’s staff scheduling tool to see employee timetables at a glance 
  • Bringing all financials under one roof instead of using multiple platforms
  • Tracking budget using Workamajig’s reporting features


  • Using customized data to make insightful, important business decisions


Trying to make informed decisions about resources and revenue without the necessary software.

As a Project Operations Manager, Ed Campbell was hired to manage traffic and resourcing, give the company informed decisions about capacity, and how they’re tracking revenue wise. Until recently, this was a very complicated, time consuming task, as Ed struggled to make accurate plans and decisions based on multiple spreadsheets and other software. There was no good method of figuring out how many projects the company could take on, who was available, and whether or not they were under budget.



Using Workamajig’s high-level reporting features to easily generate staff schedules and see finances at a glance.

Bringing Workamajig into the picture, EA Collective now has a fast and easy method for just about everything resource and finance-related. 
As Ed relates,

  “The staff schedule gives a really accurate view two weeks out, if staff are able to take on more work or not. I think that’s going to be really important to help make business decisions and determine who can take on projects.”

With Workamajig bringing everything under one roof, Ed says,

“It’s great not to have to give people a lot of different software to jump around between. The all-in-one feature will be really beneficial for our company."



A smooth, simple employee workflow and business decisions that are made on hard, reliable data.

With Workamajig doing the heavy lifting, EA Collective is able to take its various bits and pieces of data, feed it though one system, and get all the information they need, in one place.
As Ed testifies,


“Workamajig does a really good job of giving you custom views to view data that can really be important for your company and help you make really good, informed decisions.”


Hi there, I'm Ed Campbell, I'm a project operations manager at EA Collective and we're located in Chicago Illinois.

EA Collective is actually a collection of three different companies. Agency EA, which does a lot of live event marketing, experiential marketing, Story Horse which does company branding and Studio Sage, which does live green screen video production and audio production as well.
As a project operations manager, I've been hired to manage traffic and Resource Management and give the company informed decisions about our capacity, the type of work we can take on and how we're tracking Revenue wise.
My most challenging task day to day would be accurately trying to discern what our capacity is in the company to take on new projects, if people are overworked what their workload might be like and making sure that we're tracking projectwise on budget.
Some of the features that Workamajig offers that I think will really help EA Collective are the traffic and Resource Management features. The Staff Schedule really gives a very accurate view two weeks out if staff members are able to take on more work or not. I think that's going to be really important to help make business decisions and determine who can take on new projects.
Workamajig also has a ton of good reporting features as well so I'm excited to use some of those reports to show where we're tracking budget-wise on a lot of our projects.
One of the main goals I have for Workamajig at EA is to help bring some of the other use cases that we have for other software platforms all into one place. It would be great to look at Workamajig to see all the projects that our creators have to work on and not have to also use another project management tool like Asana.
Also looking forward to bringing all the financials in one place. We create our estimates in Excel and have them live in other different platforms. It would be great if our client services team could use Workamajig to just have all the budget information in one place and for our finance team to use campaigns for overall budget management, and just not give people a lot of different softwares to jump around between. So the all-in-one feature I think will be really beneficial for my company.
My one big thing that I love most about Workamajig Is Its ability to take a bunch of data to customize it into any kind of view or report that you need - sure you can use Excel or some other boring kind of data management tool, but I think Workamajig does a really good job at giving you different views and custom ways to view data that can really be important to your business or company and help you all make really good and informed decisions.

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