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Alex Roth
FingerPaint Marketing
November 18, 2019
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Join us as we talk to Alex about her experiences using Workamajig, how easy it is to train new employees to use Workamajig, and her favorite parts about Workamajig. 

Workamajig is a fully integrated project management system that does it all for advertising agencies and in-house creative teams.


My name is Alex Roth, I work at Fingerpaint Marketing, and I am a project manager there.
How easy is Workamajig to use?
It's pretty simple to start using Workamajig and we're able to train new employees on it relatively quickly and you know kind of get them in there learning the ins and outs and how we set up projects and how we use it in our agency.
What's your favorite thing about Workamajig?
My favorite thing about Workamajig is the resource management and how we are able to assign people to tasks and then just see at a quick glance what people are responsible for that day.
How does it help with project management?
We're never working on one project as a project manager you generally have about 10 to 15 projects assigned to you and your team and you can pull a report for one client with all of their corresponding projects and see everything all at once or just pull reports per project manager and see every project across brands.
What would you say to someone considering Workamajig?
Workamajig is only going to help, it makes things easier, it streamlines the process and it gets everybody on in the same process which is really nice and you won't regret it

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