Unparalleled Visibility in Reporting and Scheduling at ITA Group with Workamajig

Teresa Warren
ITA Group
August 14, 2023
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Teresa Warren is a Creative Communications Manager at ITA Group.
“Workamajig is a great way to organize and bring everyone together.

For a creative team, I highly recommend Workamajig. You get visibility, reporting, scheduling, traffic calendars, being able to see progress and capacity for individual projects, and how much you have to work on at any given time.

All of that has been really great for us."


My name is Teresa Warren, I work for ITA group, and I'm a Creative Communications manager.
Workamajig is a great way to organize and bring everybody together. As far as organizing a creative team I highly recommend Workamajig just for the visibility of all the reporting and all of the scheduling. Being able to see even on the staff level, how the traffic calendars come together whether it's all the individual projects or what's their capacity. How much stuff are they working on etc.
I think all of that has been really great for us.

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