McGarrah Jessee's Unique Business Needs Met with Workamajig's Custom Software

Kira Couch
McGarrah Jessee
December 4, 2022
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Join us as we talk to Kira about her experiences using Workamajig, and how easy it was for her to learn and explore Workamajig on her own. She loves how customizable Workamajig is and how it fits your needs.

Workamajig is a fully integrated project management system that does it all for advertising agencies and in-house creative teams.


My name is Kira Couch, I work for McGarrah Jessee, It is an advertising agency in Austin, Texas and I am an accounting manager there.

What is your experience with Workamajig?
The company I work for has been using Workamajig since 2009 for almost 10 years.
I started working there about five years ago and so that was my first experience with Workamajig

How was the learning process?
When I first began my position I had a couple of co-workers sit down with me and walk through their processes and how the system worked for it those specific duties and then the rest of it has just been me learning the system by myself just exploring and looking at the help guides sometimes contacting the committed support asking other people so it's been just my effort learning the system.

Would you recommend it to other managers?
I would yes there was so much functionality and especially being here at workology I think I realized now just how customizable it is and so it really fits what you need and all you have to do is just contact the team and really sit down and work out your needs.

Why is customizability important?
No company is the same and especially in the advertising agency things have changed so quickly just over a short period of time I know for my company when I started we were about 90 employees we're now 160 and our processes and our needs have changed extremely since then but in all that I've just realized how much more we can utilize Workamajig. Every company now and then has to go through all of its programs and see if it's really helping them or whether they need to update to a different system and for us we just need to figure out how to use Workamajig differently. There's really no other system out there like it.


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