Transformed Revenue Operations at Ruffalo Noel Levitz with Workamajig

Danielle Rauser
Ruffalo Noel Levitz
July 17, 2023
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Danielle Rauser is the Senior VP of Revenue Operations at Ruffalo Noel Levitz at Cedar Rapids, Iowa - an agency focusing on fundraising and higher education marketing.

Before Workamajig, Danielle faced the challenge of ensuring that information flowed smoothly from one system to another as well as having visibility into where projects were getting stuck. 

“Since we adopted Workamajig as our source of truth two years ago, we’ve overcome these issues.”

Danielle’s company now successfully tracks not only tasks and staff but project management as a whole. 

“We can see where we are with a project and where our bottlenecks are.”

Danielle found the fact that Workamajig is built for agencies incredibly helpful as they transitioned into using the system - Workamajig speaks to their creative and digital folks.

Danielle shares that they used to think they were being efficient about things but now that Workamajig has shaved so much time off their processes, they realize how much it has helped streamline their business.

Danielle’s one big thing about Workamajig?

“How easy it is to use across the organization.”


Hello, my name is Danielle Bowser, I'm the senior vice president for Revenue Operations at Ruffalo Noel Levitz. We are based out of Cedar Rapids Iowa and we focus predominantly on fundraising management and higher education marketing.
My primary responsibilities are highly focused on the stability of our company as well as the productivity of our project management team so it's super critical for my team of project managers to be evaluating where we are within any given project and to make sure our gross margins are aligned. Additionally, we're really focused on updating and changing processes to ensure that we're doing the most effective and efficient business operations on a daily basis.
At RNL we've acquired a lot of companies over the last few years and so trying to align all of those systems not only for them to speak to each other but also so that the information flows from one system into the other is a huge challenge that we've overcome since we've adopted a new source of Truth in the last two years. I would also say visibility into where our projects get stuck has been a challenge for us as well.
Workamajig really helps with both of the challenges that I've mentioned in very different ways
From a visibility standpoint, we have the opportunity now to utilize our project managers to put notes into the system to be able to track not only task and people management but also overall project management. Within a project, we're able to see where we are on each step of the way and where those bottlenecks are which helps us inform the process and shows what we need to do to make it more effective and efficient.
While Workamajig is built for agencies it's been incredibly important as we've transitioned into utilizing this project management system for our creative and digital folks so it's allowed us to take a look at our process and our workflows-streamline them to make them more effective and efficient and even to shave some time off of things that we thought we were being super efficient on but really now having that visibility gives us the insight and the ability to make those changes my one big thing about Workamajig is how easy it is for all audiences to use it across the organization.

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