Ryan Marketing Achieves Quicker Results with Workamajig

Justine Koester Hoben
Ryan Marketing
August 1, 2022
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Ryan Marketing is a scrappy, savvy, and smart creative agency.

- Workamajig will maximize your efficiencies so sharply, you’ll barely recognize your own agency!
- No more dragging yourself around to physically tell your employees what to do. 
Workamajig is automatic, and fast, and leaves you with more time to do what you really want to be doing- client work.

Workamajig is a fully integrated project management system that does it all for advertising agencies and in-house creative teams.


Justine Koester Hoben senior account executive Ryan Marketing. 
Workamajig has definitely helped us maximize our efficiencies. 
We used to spend a lot of time physically telling someone things that they needed to do. 
With Workamajig we're really finding that we're able to streamline our processes and get everything done a little bit quicker and with fewer clicks, that's more time our team can spend working on things for our clients.

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