Warehouse 21 Finds Their Ultimate Source of Truth with Workamajig

Aaron Colbert
Warehouse 21
July 17, 2023
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Aaron is an Operations Director at Warehouse 21, in Cheyenne Wyoming - an agency specializing in brand campaigns, experiential trade show activations, and half-time shows.

Working with the project management team, Aaron sees the project budget through from estimations to completion.

What Aaron loves about Workamajig is that it is an all-in-one solution from project schedules, to project architecture, to project estimates, which feeds into timesheet tracking, budget tracking, and eventually, invoicing and revenue.

Aaron says “Workamajig provides one source of truth and we rely on this single source to make informed decisions, based on years and years of data.”

How does Aaron feel about Workamajig support?

“We have a dedicated account manager to ask specific questions and get them answered, and also third-party resources and consultants who help explore different ideas or relaunch the software.”


My name is Aaron Colbert, I'm the operations director at Warehouse 21 in Cheyenne Wyoming.
We're a 20-person agency and we focus on brand campaigns and especially experiential trade show activations, halftime shows-whatever a client will let us get into.
So as the operations director, my primary responsibilities are working with the project management team to see all project budgets and schedules through, from estimating to completion but also working with the resource management function and making sure staff schedules are communicated to everybody and clear.
Workamajig's extremely helpful in that it's an all-in-one solution for us. From our staff schedules to our project management and project architectures, project estimates campaign estimates, and how that feeds into timesheet tracking, expense tracking and ultimately billing Revenue recognition, budget management having it all in one system is really key for us.
Workamagig is great as an integrated tool in that it provides one source of Truth for our organization, full of data where we can go to one single source to make informed business decisions across the company based on years and years of data now.
Workamajig support is great, you know we have a dedicated account manager with whom we can ask specific questions and get those questions answered. But there's also a community of third-party resources and Consultants who are experts within Workamajig who can help explore different ideas or even as they did with us helped to relaunch the software.
My one big thing about Workamajig is that it's the one sole source of information across all disciplines it provides all that we need, it's all in one spot and there are years and years of historical business data for us to work with now. 

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