On-site Consultants & Experts

Some agencies prefer to hire a consultant to assist with the transition to Workamajig. Consultants are invaluable to companies that do not have the internal resources to manage the implementation or need to make major changes to their process.

You're in good hands. Each of our recommended consultants is required to:

  • 1. Have a minimum of three years' experience in the industry and as a Workamajig consultant.
  • 2. Provide references from three separate companies that have used the consultant within the past year and were more than satisfied with both the Workamajig product and the services provided.

Consultant List

Below is a list of experts available for on-site consulting. Each consultant has extensive experience and is eager to work with you. Please note that services are provided a la carte and rates vary.

Industry Experts

Below is a list of Industry Gurus who are available to assist your creative firm or creative department with streamlining your processes and improving profitability.