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Project Management

All-in-one marketing project management software for creative agencies & in-house teams

Resource Management

Marketing resource & traffic management tool schedules, tracks & assigns tasks all in one place

Task Management

Track time & tasks for more transparency, more billable hours & keep projects right on schedule

Business Intelligence

Get real time insight on cash flow, budgeting & forecast revenue with custom reports

Finance & Accounting

Fully integrated accounting and financial reporting tools make billing & invoicing a breeze

Sales CRM

Capture new business opportunities & potential revenue with easy to use CRM for marketing

IT & Security

Workamajig is secure, compliant and ready to integrate.


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     Marketing agency accounting        software. Gain deep business insight to grow a profitable agency

Improve margins through better reporting, accurate invoicing, and detailed expense tracking with Workamajig's fully-integrated creative agency accounting software

A full accounting package to keep your agency on track

When we say Workamajig is a complete marketing agency project management solution, we mean it. Workamajig's fully-integrated advertising agency accounting software features are the nerve center for your agency's financial health and performance, with key reports at your fingertips.  

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 3.02.10 PM

Integrated financial reports

Full GL accounting including balance sheets, P&L, and cash projections

2 Health Meters

All the reporting views you need

Pull reports in a flash with standard and custom reporting tools

3 Report Center

See open accounts at a glance

Monitor all balances, including AR, AP, and your bank accounts


See profitability by client and project

See which clients are your most profitable, which are being over-serviced, and where you can improve your margins after allocating overhead. Workamajig comes with all the standard corporate P&L statements you'd expect, plus additional client- and project-level P&Ls ready to go.


Allocate overhead

By hours, labor costs, or total bill to see true client profitability 

4 Schedule from Template

See your most profitable services

Find services that have the strongest margins & double down on them 

6 single project gantt

Spot superstar account managers

Have your best (& most profitable) performers train the rest of the team


Streamline your invoicing

Simplify your billing workflow with Workamajig's mass billing features. Generate invoices automatically with details like time, materials, specific rates, and markups. Efficient invoicing is the key to healthy cashflow and Workamajig makes it a snap. 

7 Convert Lead to Project

Bill in a variety of ways

See work ready to bill by time and materials, fixed fee, retainer or media 

8 request a project

Drill down by project

See time entries for billable work & review, adjust, transfer, or write off 

9 Rquests to review for Approval

Deferred revenue recognition

Prevent overstated revenue with deferred advanced billing


Chargeback for deliverables

In-house creative departments can easily charge back to other departments for requested work using Workamajig's straightforward billing functionality.

7 Convert Lead to Project

Bill time and materials

Set rates by service, client, or project and bill accordingly

8 request a project

Generate invoice and reports

Create a simple (or detailed) invoice or report for your finance department

9 Rquests to review for Approval

Transparent costs

Budgeting & charging back establishes clear timelines & costs


Your project management accounting software- managing all your needs in one place

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 11.36.31 AM

Journal entries

Create entries that you can return to and edit without having to immediately balance 

26 Option 2 time

Bank reconciliation

Reconcile your G/L accounts in Workamajig with our seamless banking integration  

27 Configurable Status reports for MGMT or Clients

Expense reports

Track, review, approve and reimburse expenses by client & project, all in one place  

27 Configurable Status reports for MGMT or Clients

Excel & Google Sheets integration

Pull financial data into Excel or Google spreadsheets with Workamajig's financial interface 

27 Configurable Status reports for MGMT or Clients

Credit card charges

Use the credit card  connector to sync charges, tag to projects, and mark as billable 

27 Configurable Status reports for MGMT or Clients

Custom reports

Slice & dice your data any way you need with Workamajig's robust custom reporting 

How do I log in to my Workamajig account?

Each of our clients receives their own unique and secure login URL. If you can't find yours, contact Workamajig support and we'll give you a hand.

Do I need to use browser or flash plugins?

Nope, you're good! Workamajig Platinum is build completely in HTML5.

Workamajig is web-based. Are there other ways to access the system?

Yes. You can host the software on your own internal server or Workamajig® can host it for you.

What are the minimum system requirements for computers running this software?

Workamajig is designed to work with the latest Operating Systems and Browsers. This includes the current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge for Mac and Windows. Note: Edge is Windows 10 only.

What is the recommended system configuration for servers?

The minimum hardware configuration for the server can be found here: Read More About Server Requirements

Is Workamajig GDPR compliant?

Yes. Workamajig (and the company behind it, Creative Manager, Inc) are fully GDPR compliant.

Please [get in touch] if you have specific GDPR requirements you’d like to discuss.

Can I use Workamajig on my mobile device?

You sure can! Workamajig is accessible from any mobile device, although some of our platform's more advanced features do require desktop access.

What type of training is offered with Workamajig?

Traditional training sessions are conducted over the phone using a browser-based session and are included in your subscription for free. A dedicated account manager/trainer is assigned to your account and will manage your implementation and ongoing support for the life of your account. Your trainer walks your team through a proven process to set up and configure Workamajig to your specific needs.

Is browser-based training the only option for Workamajig?

No, consultants are available for on-site training at an additional expense. They provide you with industry experience on how to set the system specifically for your needs. This option is useful for companies who prefer their training in a condensed timeframe and are able to learn at a faster rate.

Once the program is installed and working, what type of support is available to me?

Every Workamajig account includes virtually unlimited email support, with additional phone support and ongoing training.

What happens when all your creative agency management tools are fully integrated?

More profit. Less stress.
That’s Workamajig.

Questions? We're here to help: sales@workamajig.com