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All-in-one marketing project management software for creative agencies & in-house teams

Resource Management

Marketing resource & traffic management tool schedules, tracks & assigns tasks all in one place

Task Management

Track time & tasks for more transparency, more billable hours & keep projects right on schedule

Business Intelligence

Get real time insight on cash flow, budgeting & forecast revenue with custom reports

Finance & Accounting

Fully integrated accounting and financial reporting tools make billing & invoicing a breeze

Sales CRM

Capture new business opportunities & potential revenue with easy to use CRM for marketing

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Workamajobs, a free job board for creatives

Post job openings on the completely free job board just for creatives.


Resource & traffic management for agencies & creative teams 

Schedule, plan and assign work across teams, departments, and offices with Workamajig's powerful, all-in-one marketing resource management tool


Manage the whole creative team's schedule, all from one place

Scheduling is a breeze when your marketing agency or in-house team runs on Workamajig. See workloads by week or day for the whole team, and filter by office, department, role, or person. 

Resourcing 1

Assign work from the schedule

Workamajig's efficient interface lets you assign work in just a few clicks

Resourcing 2

Keep workloads balanced

Instantly spot who is overloaded and who has availability 

Resourcing 3

Plan proactively, not reactively

View utilization, including meetings, vacations, and job commitments


See project status in real-time

With the whole team in Workamajig's marketing resource management software, an effective & fluid workflow emerges: Resourcing monitors availability & assigns work, creatives update progress, and project managers see project schedules updated automatically, all in real-time.

Resourcing 4_5-1

Active Project Board

See, filter, sort and group all projects in progress

Resourcing 4_5

Spot problems early

Color-coded warnings make it easy to identify budget & schedule risks 

Resourcing 6

Drill down by task

Gnatt charts help you quickly see whats causing delays


Stop work from falling through the cracks

Drag & drop tasks with Workamajig's Assignment Manager. See your creatives' daily schedules (and meetings) just like they do, and easily rebalance work for the week to keep everyone happy and engaged.  

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 12-38-39 PM
Resourcing 7-1

Creatives see tasks instantly

New tasks show up in their daily task list, with optional notes for context

Resourcing 8

Set task status & priority

Drag to rearrange priority & ensure tasks that need attention get it 

Resourcing 9

De-stress resourcing surprises

Someone off or sick? Reassign their tasks across the team with ease

All-in-one platform

Juggle resources & schedules effortlessly - Get the best marketing resource mangement system out there!

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 11.36.31 AM

Instant project schedules

Project templates give you instant schedules with exact resourcing requirements
26 Option 2 time

Know true resourcing capactity

Track meeting & vacation schedules to ensure you only see actual hours available 

27 Configurable Status reports for MGMT or Clients

Match freelancers to projects

Workamajig's vendor search lets you find the right freelance resource for the job

What happens when all your agency management tools are fully integrated?

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