Workamajig For In-House Teams

Creative Project Management Software for In-House Creative Teams

How can Workamajig help every member of your creative team?

Incoming Project Requests

  • Project requestors can use the client portal to easily submit new requests
  • Requests are automatically routed to the appropriate approvers
  • Requests can be re-routed to request additional information or clarification
  • Upon approval, one simple click creates a project that's ready to go

Keeping your Project on Track

  • Resource your team with the knowledge of which member with the right skill set has availability for your project
  • Creative team members update their tasks which dynamically updates the project schedule & budget

Assigning Tasks to Creatives

  • Tasks for approved projects are automatically added to the dashboards of the assigned team members
  • Creatives can easily communicate, access assets and track time to update the tasks

Project Analytics

  • Overarching analytics allow you to track everything from number of requests, requestor totals, types of projects, services most frequently used & more
  • This insight allows you to make informed decisions & report on your team's performance & value

Workamajig is a full-featured ERP and Agency Management System that gives you the tools to streamline your entire creative team, so every project stays on track, every time.

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