What it does for New Business

New business is the key to keeping an agency strong and profitable. But if you’re spending all of your time on processes, you’re spending less time bringing in new business. That’s where Workamajig comes in.

"Workamajig is flexible and powerful customer relationship management software."

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New Business Features

Key Features


In an instant, you can see the opportunities that the company is pursuing and where they are in the pipeline. You’ll also see the estimated and weighted dollars that are expected from the opportunities and when they’re expected to close. These widgets give you a better understanding of why you gain or lose business – and help you turn leads into clients.


Workamajig provides user-friendly, flexible searching and reporting of all data, such as companies, leads, contacts, opportunities and activities. For instance, you can retrieve the history of all conversations you had with a hot prospect or customize a search to find a list of prospects you want to follow up with based on any search criteria you wish. For example, “Find all prospects that you have not spoken to in the last month.”


If your company follows Blair Enn’s Win Without Pitching® sales methodology, you’ll find Workamajig’s CRM to be invaluable in maintaining the WWP status for leads, opportunities and contacts.


Contacts are the key to getting new business. With Workamajig, all of your contacts will be organized on all of your devices – iPhone®, iPad® and computer. Even the largest set of contacts and companies can be imported into the system. Best of all, whether you use Outlook or Mac OS X Address Book, Workamajig automatically syncs your contacts for you.


Because Workamajig is Web-based, you don’t have to be in the office to be connected to the office. You can stay informed and up to date while you’re on the road drumming up new business. And when you whip out your iPhone® or iPad®, you’ll have full access to the Workamajig CRM.


The very last thing you want to do is miss an appointment with a prospective client. Workamajig seamlessly integrates with Outlook, Exchange, iCal® and Google Calendar™ to help you manage your schedule.

Even More Features


Workamajig allows you to segment your prospects by sales stage and overall status of the opportunity. You can even link a phone conversation or letter to the project. Opportunity details can also be recorded and tracked to your Calendar, making it easy to view all prior meetings and discussions. Once your prospect becomes an actual client, Workamajig automatically links any specs and conversations recorded in the pre-sales process to the new project.


Opportunities are new projects that you’re discussing with current clients or potential clients. With Workamajig, you can customize these prospects and track your communication and activities with them far beyond just addresses and phone information.


Every edge you can get over the competition helps when pitching new business. Thankfully, Workamajig makes it quick and easy to create great-looking schedules, calendars and Gantt Charts – giving you one more tool in your new business arsenal.


Have a potential client who wants estimates done “his way”? No problem. Workamajig supports unlimited estimate formats, so you can match your client’s specific needs and style. You can also show your client how estimates can be routed directly to him for approval through the free client interface.