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Jim Arcouette
Adams & Knight Inc
December 26, 2022
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Jim Arcouette from Adams & Knights INC tells us how Workamajig is a 1 stop solution that will provide your agency with the ability to do it all in 1 software. 

Workamajig is a fully integrated project management system that does it all for advertising agencies and in-house creative teams.


My name is Jim Arcouette, I'm with Adams & Knight INC. located in Avon Connecticut I am the CFO.
Why did you choose Workamajig?
We were using a competitor product and it just wasn't robust enough to deliver the type of information that we needed at least from the financial side we more or less had outgrown it.
What excites you about Workamajig?
As the CFO I'm more on the reporting side I like numbers, and I deal with numbers so I'm actually really jazzed up about the custom reporting.
Advice to someone on the fence?
If you want a one-stop solution that will provide you the ability to do job costing and financial reporting I strongly encourage you to look at it. You may not use everything I think it's impossible to use everything but you will certainly find the functions and features in both the job costing side and the financial services size that will meet your needs no doubt about it.

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